August 13, 2006

Sovereignity & Rights: United States of the U.N.?

It seems like something out of a sci-fi novel the stuff that comes across mainstream media these days. I never would have thought any American citizen would be willing to trade our sovereignty as a nation in for a U.N. citizenship card. What seemed to be so unthinkable to me just a few years ago is now beginning to be a real threat looming on the horizon. The issue is over American ratification of U.N. treaties. One such treaty could quite literally be "the end of the world as we know it" for America.

See this excerpt from

"What terrifies U.S. homeschool education experts is the authorities' decision to cite the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a legal argument.

That 1990s-era document was ratified quickly by 192 nations worldwide, but not the United States or Somalia. In Somalia, there was then no recognized government to do the formal recognition, and in the United States there's been opposition to its power."


"Although signed under the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Senate never has ratified the treaty, largely because of conservatives' efforts to point out it would create that list of rights which primarily would be enforced against parents."


"The U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause requires that "all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land," the HSLDA said.

That would mean any state law relating to child custody, the family, education, adoption, child pornography and dozens of other issues could be nullified in an instant, the group said.

Under the protocol, children would be vested with freedom of expression, so that "any attempts (by parents) to prevent their children from interacting with material parents deem unacceptable is forbidden."

Reaching to the far end of that logic would produce this result: your 6-year-old wants Playboy magazine, or even to visit a Playboy club, and you pay for it.

Parents who fail would be subjected to "identification, reporting, referral, investigation, treatment, and follow-up."

With our hands tied behind our backs, our parental rights taken over by the "U.N.", and our eyes blindfolded by "good intentions"... it seems we are now only more than willing to "walk the plank" as a nation.

Can we wake up and stop the slide off the slippery slope before it is too late for this nation's children? Only God knows. May we SEEK HIM IN PRAYER over this issue!

Revelation 3:2 - Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God.

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Crystal Starr said...

Hey!!! I'm soooo sorry I didn't write you back!! Emily would LOVE LOVE LOVE to e-mail with your daughter. Send me her e-mail address and Emily will write her tomorrow. Thanks for arranging this Emily is so excited!!!!

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Crystal Starr said...

Hey again!! =)

Thank you for the sweetest comment ever!! I do talk a lot about Scott on my blog but that's because that's how I am in person too. I'm like one of those annoying girls that just started a new relationship and is head over heals in love and all she ever does is talk, think, and dream about her guy. If you asked anyone I know they would tell you that. I get those butterfly feelings every time he calls me, text messages me, calls me, comes home, walks in a room, or does nothing at all (not to say he can't get me boiling mad though either) =) Oh boy I'm doing it again just rambling about how much I love my man (but hey you encouraged me!!! hehehe). =D

Anyway Emily is really excited and so am I for her and Morgan. I think they will be instant friends!! I'm really sorry I forgot to write back I feel terrible about that.

I get that music on my blog by joining It cost 5$ a month but I think it's worth it and I LOVE using it!

Oh and Emily is doing very well. She has the best attitude and she just really amazes me. If you look at her you can't even tell she is sick.

You can go back to June 26, June 29, July 2, and July 14 (I think that is all of them). My husband made on index on his blog and if you click on Emily's picture it will take you there. BUT he hasn't put any of these 4 on there yet and I'm going to remind him to do that soon. So if you or anyone ever want to easily find what is new with her they can just check there in stead of having to search my blog.

She just had her radiation treatment done at the end of June and now we are just waiting (for 6 months) until we can scan her to see if they got all of her cancer.

OK it's really late (I have a bit of and insomnia thing) so I'm going to hit the hay as they say!!

Good night deary!!

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Anonymous said...

Tag--you're it!

The Conservative Homeschooler said...

Excellent thought and so true; Our country, our constitution was created for a escape these very things...

You maybe interested, but I would like to invite you to "The Conservative Homeschooler"The group was started because of like minded parents who are concerned about the future of our children and our country.

If you are interested, would love for you to drop by!

God bless us mothers and give us courage and wisdom and strength as we raise our children the best we can and pray and hope that they turn to our Lord for that same strength and courage and wisdom!



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