August 24, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Plants


With school in session, I'm a little busy. I hope you won't mind me taking Thursdays to join the Thursday Challenge and give myself a little blog rest. As soon as I'm able to get 2004-5 typed up in my school spreadsheet, I'll start adding it to my homeschool series and begin Field Trip Foto Friday again! Tomorrow I'm guest host on Gena's blog (TOSPUBLISHER) while she's away all day. I'll probably post something quick and easy here that links to there!

Daddy is home today, too. Daddies have a way of throwing a wrench in your school plans when they are home, don't they? This one wanted pancakes AFTER he went jogging and worked out at the gym... so we ate a LATE breakfast at 10am... and the day has yet to start. I'll probably take today off... which is pretty sad since it's only day THREE of this year! We got a TON of stuff done yesterday, though. It was really fun.

By the way, the photo above is from Brazos Bend State Park. I did a Field Trip Foto Friday Entry on it already. That was one of the last times I used my 35 millimeter camera. I've decided I am going to go back to film after all these years with digital. I have started loosing data on CDs. That scares me. I also have less than a handful of photos over the past three or four years to show for the thousands of digital photos I have taken. Just like that commercial said..."Where are the pictures?" And just WHAT would happen if lightning fried my hard-drives on this computer? I might need to be locked up in the funny farm after loosing four years worth of photos... that's what!

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Rhonda said...

I really like that picture. Very pretty.

I keep all my photos at Snapfish as well as on my computer. I can easily get them printed at Walgreens from there and I consider it safer storage than CDs. I've been thinking about putting them at another online site as well, in case Snapfish disappears one day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!! That wouldn't have been on a certain camping trip would it? :oD
We read a story about water lillies today. Maybe we should take a trip out to Brazos Bend for a field trip!!!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Rhonda - yes it always pays to have another back-up plan!

Kelly - How did you know?! Maybe because the only time I've ever been to Brazos Bend was with you guys! What fun that was. :) Miss you!



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