August 01, 2006

Wild West Homeschool Carnival Round-Up!

Dead or alive! (Ok, just alive - but it was fun saying it)...


Giddy-up, and come on over... any topic welcome (Western themed topics much appreciated... such as anything that has to do with horses, cowboys & girls, trains, western ideals, cows, farm life, southern cooking, etc.)!

Cowboy Kade and Mustang Morgan invite you to rustle up a post and email it on over to the carnival's rodeo clown as early as you can. All posts are due by 6pm Monday the 7th! Send'em early so you don't get caught between the horns - late!

Holler at me with the following, ya'll:
Title of Post:
URL of Post:
Name of Blog:
URL of Blog:
Brief summary of the post:

See ya'll Buckaroos on Tuesday, August 8th - with spurs on!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they were so little in that picture, how cute!

Sprittibee said...

:) Yep, Sara. Those photos are from our Cowtown Birthday Party for the both of 'em - back when Morgan was turning 4, and Kaden was turning 6. I loved those invitations... made'em myself!

CarolynM said...

Holy COW, this theme is perfect!!! I just sent in a carnival submission which includes a watch-this-space announcement for a contest regarding the Arizona Trail. Your theme choice is ideal for helping to get the word out. I will be posting all the details ASAP on Guilt-Free Homeschooling as soon as all of the fine print is finalized, but the AZTrek riders are also busy packing up to hit the AZ Trail.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks carolynm! I thought your post was particularly interesting! Sounds like a'heap'o fun!

This has been a real eye-opener for me to see how much work is involved in hosting. It gives me much respect for those who volunteer! I won't be sendin' in any last minute posts any more! ;)



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