September 27, 2006

I'd Rather be Dissecting a Cow's Eye

I'm bummed out, but better. You may have noticed by now that I love using Alliteration. [You poor thing; having to put up with me.] I admit, it is rather cheesy.

So what am I bummed out about today? I have to stay home while my co-op is meeting in the park to dissect a cow's eye.


I have been really 'looking' forward to this.

So I guess I'll just have to let the kids watch the cow's eye dissection video online now. No gooey guts for us.

"WHAT???!!!" You ask, "You mean there's an online cow's eye dissection website?!??"

Yes, I sure do. Go here and check it out yourself. Be sure to do this long AFTER you have digested your lunch (and not right before you eat, either). Pretty gross stuff.

The good news is, we are all feeling much better here at Sprittibee's Homeschool. Kaden came down with the bug yesterday; and although he's feeling much better today, we opted to not spread the germs around at co-op (especially since everyone in our family got it). I gather that it is pretty catchy... and it's one learning experience I wouldn't want to share with others!

Speaking of lesson plans... HAVE YOU BEEN READING all the GREAT entries to the CONTEST??? It is going to be SUPER hard for me to pick a winner!!!! I may need to ask my co-op friends who haven't entered the contest to judge with me... and maybe a public school teacher or two. I am really enjoying reading them.

Don't forget that the contest ENDS FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT! Be sure to spread the word and get your entry in on time. Thanks so much for your participation. I look forward to getting the email from the winner saying their FREE DIGITAL CAMERA has arrived! Won't that be fun?!!

Have a great day! We are getting back to school today... and are a bit behind after all this sicky stuff here. Prayers would be appreciated as it is always hard to get back into a routine!

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Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Poor thing. I know you were looking forward to getting to that cow eye. ;o) Sounds like the family iso n the road to recovery though. And, you can stillg et your own cow eye and cut it at home.

buggymug said...

We watched it online, too.... all I can say is *IcK*. The kids enjoyed it, though.

I HOPE you're feeling better!

Love ya,


Sprittibee said...

Bev and Kelly...

I've heard from a few of the co-op group and they said I didn't miss "all that". So, we'll just be content with our little (clean) video cow eye dissection and have fun dissecting some other day... your freaky dead duck, Kelly! That bird beak-type activity we did at your house was the BOMB.



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