October 02, 2006

And the WINNERS ARE......

This one was a tough contest to judge. I started out thinking that I could just read them all and pick one, but I was astounded by everyone's talent and creativeness. I am so glad you all entered because you have added so much to me as a fellow homeschooling mom in being able to glean from your wisdom and thoughts. I plan to use many of the lesson plans that were entered for my kids in the upcoming years!

Due to how difficult this was to judge, I decided to change my gears mid-procedure. First, I narrowed the contest down to my top 12 favorite posts, then I had three other homeschool moms tell me their favorites and ALL of them picked different ones!!! That means that we ended up with 9 finalists. I re-read all of those nine entries again today and STILL couldn't come up with a winner.

What do you do when you can't choose? Pray about it and let GOD decide. I got out a deck of cards, re-numbered the top nine final posts from 1-9. I picked the cards out of the deck (Ace-9) and shuffled them over and over while the kids and I prayed that God would let the person who needed the camera the most win. Morgan picked the First Prize winner and Kaden picked the Second Prize winner at random from the fanned out cards.

So... here are the two blessed winners of Academic Superstore's "Share Your Favorite Lesson Plan Contest":

First Prize: CanonPowerShot SD600
Entry: Ladies in Training

Second Prize: Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag
Entry: Talmidim and a Campfire

If you are the winner, please email me with your address and I will forward it to the prize man!

Before you go, though... I want to THANK EVERYONE for your great lessons plans! I loved ALL OF THEM. I also wanted to give honorable mention to a few lesson plans that taught ME a few lessons about how I need to be thinking as a homeschool mother (and are lessons I think should be shared with every homeschool mom):

Here are the Honorable Mention Posts:

Dominion Family

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners. Great lesson plans, to be sure!

Thank you, Heather (et al), for taking such time and care out of your busy schedule(s) to pull the contest together and judge.

I appreciated the prompt to put some thoughts down on 'paper,' and the honorable mention is sweet. :)


Anonymous said...

Cindy of Dominion Family has taught me so much and I too was blessed by Debtor@Mercy's post... thank you for hosting such a wonderful contest. And CONGRATULATIONS to Mamasudo--aren't God's ways grand!??!

God bless you for your ministry!
Ann V.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you, Sprittibee, for a fun contest. So many great ideas!

Sheri said...

Boy I bet that was a HARD choice. I know I haven't gotten through all of the them yet and there is no way I could decide!!

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glowing. Wow! What a surprise. Thank you so much for hosting the contest.
Ladies in Training

Anonymous said...

Ok, this sounds dumb but I cannot find your email link. Here is mine and if you email me I will send you my addy.
mamaduso5 at comcast dot net.
Thanks again.

Roberta said...

Congratulations Susan and Kelly!
Thanks so much Heather (and Academic Superstore) for hosting the contest. And thanks Heather for all the time and thought you put into it *phew!*...lots of great lesson plan ideas I'll definately be rereading. It's such a blessing to learn from one another.
Roberta :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! Thank you for hosting this contest.
Phyllis in Russia

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Thank you so much Heather! I am just plain shocked. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the contest. You are a sweety. :)

Love and hugs to you,

Sprittibee said...

Cindy - you are most welcome. I really enjoyed your entry. Sorry we didn't have 31 cameras to give away because each of you deserve one!

Everyone - THANKS AGAIN AND I appreciate your congratulations to the winners in here! Homeschool moms are a great bunch of people.

Congratulations Kelly and Susan! Enjoy your prizes and stop back in here to let us know when you got them and what you thought about them!



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