October 03, 2006

Around Cyber-Land

Every now and then, I fill up my link folder and have to spew a few in here to clean it out. Lucky you; you get to benefit from my cyber-travels without doing any of the research yourself! Here below is the latest batch of linkage I've cooked up... ENJOY!



Adverbs on the Internet (tricksy adverbses!)

Learning Page Eye Worksheet (not sure if this is on my other Five Senses links page)

Bible Verse of the Day

Five Lined Skink (I just want to kiss them.)

Another groovy lookin' skinky

Photos from Peru (in case you are doing geography studies about it like we were last year)

Madame Alexander's French Kitty Dolls (please buy me one?)

Texas Monthly's Recipe Swap: Pappasito's Cantina Frijoles a la Charra Recipe

Schedules and Homeschool Burn-Out Article

Celebrating Biblical Holidays Resources

What Type of Homeschooler are YOU? (Quiz)

Costumes for Unit Studies by Jessica Hulcy (KONOS Author)

Teacher Created Resources - Free PDF Calendars

Literacy Writing Lesson Resources

FREE Teacher Resources (more than I can ever get around to going through)

National Vocabulary Bee (win 40K in college $ - HURRY - this MONTH!)

New Carnival of Homeschool Schedule (I'm on it for Nov. 14)

There you have it for today. Now, I'm off to get dressed for a field trip. Daddy is home today and it's a fun day (hardly any school). We're going to a music store, I think. Hopefully my kids can get their hands on some instruments (other than just a piano) and hear them. We can't afford the orchestra performance (bummed about that). Maybe I'll see if Netflix has an orchestra video? I'm still looking for Peter Ustinov Reads "The Orchestra". No luck. This is our last week of Music/Ears/Sound/Composers... next Monday we move on to the "Other Senses" (briefly) and then FRONTIERSMEN! Fun, fun.

Happy Tuesday. Relax and enjoy yourself. Be like my cat. Life is short. God bless.

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Rhonda said...

Great links!

Y'all need to come down here and go to one of Griff's concerts. They are free! The kids will also be participating in a homeschool orchestra concert in December, but there's no date set yet.

Griff's dates are Oct. 22, Nov. 12, and Dec. 10.

Sprittibee said...

If we manage to find the funds to travel this holiday season, I'll try and make sure to hit one of your performances! :) So far, I'm really wishing for a ONE WAY ticket, if you know what I mean! Who knows what God has up His sleeve. Either way, we hope to see you this Fall or Winter one way or the other.



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