October 27, 2006

Field Trip Foto Friday: Dog Breeder


I know you are probably scratching your head.... wondering just how educational a trip like this one is. Chances are, you'll come to the same conclusion that I did. It really wasn't. It was more of an add-on field trip since the Bee man also bred dogs. It just so happened that one of our co-op buddies took a puppy home named "Bo", and they already owned one of these pups named "Emma". We had fun checking all the doggies out, even if we didn't really "learn" anything.

I'm not really a dog person, but I haven't met many dogs that I don't like as pals. Just because I don't keep a puppy at home doesn't mean that I don't like dogs at all. I can't speak for my cat, though. I doubt she likes dogs since she doesn't even like people much (or at least doesn't admit to it).

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mamajuliana said...

Are they Jack Russell Terriers? Just wondering...I enjoy your blog! I read just about daily...if the kids let me get close to the computer!

Erin said...

Hey, we would've given our right arm to go to a dog breeders for the Responsibility unit in KONOS! Tried to, but never got a call back, so we ended up at the veterinarian instead.

If you've not done the Pet Care unit yet, just tell your kids to wrack their brains and remember every detail they can about the Jack Russell "add-on" field trip. :)

I also enjoyed your Texas-in-the-fall photo. We lived in Dallas for 10 years and never really got to see that kind of color. Mostly just concrete.

Sprittibee said...

oratiomom - You flatter me! That is so sweet that you would visit me daily on the net. Yes, I think those are miniature Jack Russells. My friend in Texas has two of them that she got from this breeder. They are very cute. The man who sells them is a nice Christian guy that goes to her church.

Erin - Yes, I've been seeming to take a few field trips out of turn... but oh, well... we do what is presented to us and try and get to the "on topic" ones as much as possible. The Vet sounds nice, too. I bet that would be much more informative. OH, yes... DALLAS. The huge concrete spaghetti bowl of traffic and noise! Dallas (only beat out by El Paso) is my least favorite Texas city. I'm much more of a Hill Country gal. I grew up in the Gulf Coast however... which is not all that much prettier than Dallas aside from the pine forests in the North. Huntsville is lovely. I have the Texas State Park book and hope to visit all of them one day. It is amazing how many different types of terrain you can find in the Lone Star State!



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