October 14, 2006

Prayer for Those in Need

Breakfast tacos with home made pico-de-gallo go a long way to help when you are homesick for Texas. We just finished breakfast and I thought I would pop in to request a few prayers from everyone out there today. I happened upon some prayer needs last night while I was up late doing research for school and blog-hopping. I hope that you will join me in my prayers for the following:

  • Emily (as always)

  • Canon (the 4yo 'Sprite boy' - still not doing well after heart transplant)

  • Amy at Dandelion Seeds (parenting stress/spiritual strength)

  • Jenna (just lost her baby boy)

My heart goes out to each of them in their trails - all of them deserve our fervent prayers.

My regular post is below... (our schedule for the next two weeks of homeschooling). I had better get out of here and get to work - today is a school day for us! Thanks for praying! God bless and have a happy Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on these prayer needs. I must have missed something: how is it you aren't in TX right now? Heading back there? I can hear you missing it.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for praying. I am a native Texan (thus am part of the Texas Connection blogroll), but I have been living in another state now for a year this month. In fact, a year from next Friday to be exact! I miss home, but we have come to love the people and scenery (and WEATHER) here in Arkansas. It will be hard staying and hard leaving... either way, we are in a hard spot.

Who knows where we will be this time next year. I often call myself a nomad. I relate much with the Israelites (although I'm glad that Arkansas is NO DESERT). I do wish my clothes and shoes never wore out, however. That would be nice. I could live without the manna stuff, though... hard to give up turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes.

I liked your post about herbs today. What do you know about hawthorn? I used to be friends with a girl named Robin who told me all about herbs. I miss her emails. Maybe you can give me some advice now and then! ;)

Anonymous said...

You're homesick for Texas! I am in Texas - and I am missing WV. I just moved here in May - but we just settled into an awesome house about 2 weeks ago. It isn't a place I miss but my friends - and being homesick for them is so hard. I can truly understand. I just wanted to stop by and say hi - I happened on your blog while blog-hopping.
God bless you - and may He fill all the homesick places in both of our hearts.
PS - I am learning to find a lot of things that I really love about Texas - and making new friends is an adventure. Plus everybody you meet assures you it is the best state in the union! Eventually I'll probably start to believe it too!

Sprittibee said...

Julie... hope you'll enjoy your stay in the Lone Star State. It is always hard missing home when you are away. There are so many things I really love about Arkansas that I feel quite out-of-place complaining. ;) I certainly could be a lot farther from home, and a lot worse off!

Hopefully Texas will grow on your heart and your time there will be a blessing!



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