October 29, 2006

Two Texas Troublemakers


I saw a t-shirt yesterday that said, "If God wasn't a Longhorn, why did He make Texas dirt burnt orange?"
Too funny.

Well, as far as sports go... anyone who knows me well knows I could care less about them. I do get a big kick out of my NON-Sports-Fan husband wearing Longhorn shirts just to bug his Arkansas Razorback buddies at work. If you ask me (or him) if I saw the last two championship games, however... I would have to admit - "Nope". No sports shows for me. I'd rather watch grass grow! For what it's worth, I love sports fans and their enthusiasm. I can paint a mean Longhorn (or Razorback) on your cheek to help you celebrate your team... but that is about the extent of how interested in sports I get.

I like the longhorn mascot because of it's Texas symbolism. Longhorn cows seem to go with the landscape well.

Have a great evening, even if you aren't in Texas! I know you can't help it.

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buggymug said...

LOL - cute pic! Hey - I'm an Arky from birth and have NEVER been a hogs fan. Nothing against them or those who are - I'm just not! But we do get pretty wound up about the Ohio State Buckeyes this time of year. :)

Have a safe trip! Get home safe!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Mizzou Tiger, but may have to root for those Longhorns should my tiggers get knocked out of the Big 12 title contention! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Go Horns! I've lived in or near Austin since I was in Kindergarten, so we enjoy a little burnt orange in this house. We rarely sit and watch a game, but now that my son is turning 4, we may. He loves sports, and has a coat and hoodie that's UT/Longhorn. If you ask him to hold two fingers up, he makes the hook 'em sign. So cute...

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Hey Heather! I've been in your spot before and know how it feels to visit Texas (home!) and then have to face leaving again. It hurts! Hoping and praying that you return to the Land soon.

Sending you a Texas size HUG

MommyLydia said...

Our house is all maroon. My dad graduated from A&M (belatedly) my sister and I graduated from A&M Consolidated High School and Rachel went on to graduate from A&M University. (I flunked out) Her husband was in the Corps and got his spurs. And he graduated too. They still live in Bryan, even.

Anonymous said...

We ARE in Texas! We only got here in May and moved to our new hometown in SE Texas only 3 weeks ago! We are homeschoolers, but our new hometown team is orange as well. It turns into a sea of orange around here on Friday nights. My husband is an electronics geek - and a definite non-sports fan. He just doesn't understand all the machismo!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Bev. ;) So you aren't a hogs fan? What's with that? I bet you take a lot of heat come football season!

Awww, shucks, Janna. You would root for the horns for little 'ol me? Too bad I won't be watching the game with you... I just don't do sports unless there is a large reward in it... like a shopping spree or something.

homeschool mama - Yes, I have heard that getting a job in Austin is really difficult if you are an Aggie! Ha. Morgan makes the hookem sign to all the Arkansas she sees. They all make them back to her (upside down, that is).

Thanks for the hug, Kel. When are you going to head up this way for a visit???

My Boaz's Ruth - I love the Bryan/College Station Area. We have family almost everywhere in Texas. Kev has an aunt who works at A&M, and I have a cousin who works there. I used to work for a great Aggie lady who was SERIOUS about her town and her team! She wore maroon everywhere.

Julie - Aren't geeks great?! I told my hubby that I knew I had to marry him when he wanted to go shopping on Super Bowl Sunday because there would be NO ONE at the mall! Hahaha.



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