November 02, 2006

Field Trip.... to the ABORTION CLINIC?

I didn't believe it either. Then I read it for myself:

Abortion Clinic Field Trip
by: Karen England, October 20, 2006

As part of an “activism class,” students at Solebury School, a private school near Philadelphia, were taken to an abortion clinic, donned vests worn by abortion staff, and helped to escort women into the building.

During the field trip students were not permitted to speak to pro-life demonstrators standing outside the building.

“This is very, very disturbing,” said Eileen Stone, a prayer service participant. “These students are only seeing one side. Shouldn’t they see another perspective? After all, education is about seeing the whole picture.”

The teacher organizing the trip, Jason Gordon, said the students weren’t permitted to speak with the pro- life demonstrators because he did not want them to become involved in activism, denying that what they were doing was already a form of activism. He admitted that the children were not given both sides of the argument.

Holy. Cow. I just don't think I can even add anything to this freakish article to make it any more pathetic than it already is. This was a private school teacher??? And people wonder why we homeschool our kids! Go. Figure.

Hat tip to Sherry in Houston.

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Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

That is just insane. I've been reading some disturbing articles involving Girl Scouts and their support of Planned Parenthood. We opted to join American Heritage Girls, a Christian scouting organization.

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Unbelievable!! I have heard of some crazy things being done in school but this one takes the cake. What's next? Thank God we can homeschool!jav

Donny said...

Sounds like a place I'd withdraw my son from...

MommyLydia said...

I wonder if any of the kids refused to go in.

There was at least one movie I refused to watch (in school) growing up. I really hope I'd have been the kid standing out on the sidewalk. Even if I can't go see the pro-life people, that doesn't mean I have to go in and help THAT process!

(And yes, as a parent, I'd be having serious conversations with the upper management with the idea of pulling my kid if I didn't get satisfactory answers -- but I would give them time to respond. Sometimes teachers do things that are not supported by their management.

Frannie Farmer said...

Wow. That's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

That blows me away! This world disgusts me sometimes.

Sprittibee said...

Yes, I think that this teacher is off his rocker. He had to know that this would make it into the media. So sick!

I'd like to think that at least a few of the students protested themselves! It didn't say how old they were, but I assume they MUST have been teens if they wore smocks and were helping patients in to the building.

What is this world coming to???!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I couldn't be shocked anymore when it came to the status quo education system in America, but alas, I am shocked.


Thank you Jesus for the freedom to Homeschool.

This makes reason # 4,378. I really should be keeping a list.

Sprittibee said...

Yep, Lindsey... we should keep a list. ;) I have an A-Z list... but there are not enough letters in all the alphabets in the world to keep all our reasons, is there?! ;)

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if the parents consented to allow their kids to go there. Also, I wonder what kind of private school is it, probably not a religious school.

Anonymous said...

Just googled Solebury School. It is a grade 7-12 and postgraduate nonscetarian private school. Small, too, only 220 students. I guess it is a college preparatory school.

If you do not want you children to go to this school, then do not worry about it. Maybe, taking them there could will make sure they think about when one should have sex.

Sprittibee said...

Corey - I highly doubt it is a religious high-school... but then, I used to be a registrar at a religious school and found that they had their own problems (much the same as public).

I do think that kids should have proper anatomy and sex education. I just don't think that abortion clinics qualify as a good field trip. Especially not in the age group of 7-12th grades. But you should have guessed that I am against abortion (and only favor it in extreme cases where the mother's life is endangered medically). Even in the case of rape, I feel that the child is not the one who should be punished. I've written a few other posts about this topic in the past. I have a niece who is the adopted child of a pimp and prostitute. She was born having heroin withdrawls and clawed at her little face and screamed for two solid months. She is now a GORGEOUS and BRILLIANT young lady.

MommyLydia said...

Hey! When you google "Abortion field trip" you're second on the list!



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