November 11, 2006

Remembering the Indian Unit


As we're nearing the Thanksgiving season and because we began our Frontiersmen, Indians, Tracking & Trapping unit yesterday, I thought I would share this bit of Sprittibee homeschool history with you...

In case you are just dropping in, check the quick links section
below for previous info on this unit (our first year of homeschool)...

The photo above is of our Indian Mask while we were making it. You can see what the mask looked like when we were finished here. I used instant papier mache to form the face on the back of a durable, oval-shaped Dixie paper plate (the kind that hold a heaping helping of Texas BBQ without falling apart). The photo of the mask we were copying from is in the book beside my mask in the photo. It was from a DK Eyewitness Indian book. The mask is a "False Face Mask". We enjoyed reading about the Iroquois Indians and read a great Schoolastic book about them before we made the mask.

We had SOOOOO much fun studying Indians that first year. You can read more about it at the below links. I hope we have just as much fun revisiting some key points on the Indian Unit this time around. All the fun things that my children were not old enough to do yet are the things we are planning for this fall's review of Indians. We kicked off our unit yesterday by dressing in pioneer costume and riding a horse-drawn wagon through the countryside while snacking on beef jerky! I'd say we are off to a great start...

Another one of my favorite memories from the Indian unit was EATING the Maple Sugar Candy we made together. When we did this activity, we read the book "Little Runner of the Longhouse". It is so cute with this activity - since it talks about a little Iroquois Indian boy who tries to trick his mom into giving him a bowl of this type of candy. I loved that book. It is an elementary level book, and would make a cute "Thanksgiving/Indian" play (even younger kids, like mine at the time... they were only 5 and 3 at the time... could play a part).

The recipe for the Maple Sugar Candy is up on my gathering manna blog. It sounds really gross, but it tastes like a dream!

I hope you are having fun making memories this fall with your homeschool students! It is such a blessing to be able to be home with your children making memories... and to have those memories to think back on later!

Quick Links:
Favorite KONOS Memories from K-1st Grade (has Indian Unit activities)
Indian Unit Books (if you scroll through my long list, you'll see them grouped together)
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Sprittibee's Homeschool Series

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MommyLydia said...

You do such fun things with your kids. I can't wait for kids of my own to share with :)

Brian & Jennie said...
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Sprittibee said...

My Boaz's Ruth - You wouldn't have thought today was fun (aside from the lunch with Daddy part). The kids were awful and I was, too. They are grounded until Tuesday morning and I'm considering unplugging my computer and doing 30 Days of Nothing (prayer & fasting). I've been really depressed with all the mainstream news lately. That last Amish email really hit me hard.

Jennie - I'm deleting your comments here in this post, but I did get your email and WILL add you to the carnival! Thanks for your entry! God bless. If it weren't for me doing the Carnival, I would be unplugging my computer tomorrow.

MommyLydia said...

We would miss you horribly. But yes, I know that parenting comes with the bad days as well as the good. I see what my sister goes through some days.

If you need to take a 30 day fast from the computer to give yourself more time to pray, then do what is needful. Let us know though so we can pray with you!

I just found out today that friends we have been praying for ever since we got married are pregnant! Prayer works. God is powerful and he cares about us.

Anonymous said...

This is really an excellent unit you did. Awesome! It's so fun to read about it!



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