December 11, 2006

Autumn Tree Craft


With only four days of school left before Christmas break in our house (yipee!), I know that this particular post is a bit "late". However, in an effort to finish up my last formal week of "fall" here on Sprittibee, I'm trying to get all of the season neatly filed away. I am planning to change the template to winter next week when we leave for vacation (we will be gone for two weeks!!! Wooohooo!)... just before the first day of winter officially begins.

We have already tossed the little tree you see above. We made this tree to use with our "Seasons Unit Study" last school year and dressed it for autumn this past October. We hung construction paper "drawn" leaves as well as laminated fall leaves from different trees outside. We used raffia to hang them all because it reminds me of scarecrows - another fall icon. I plan to repeat this project in future years. Hopefully mine will look a lot more like my friend Patricia's next time!

Although we enjoyed our tree, Daddy was sick of it sitting on the kitchen bar after six months! Maybe the next time we build one, we will make it a bit smaller and more permanent - not just twigs in a glass vase. After a while, you just need a change... so last week, we took those twigs back to the park where we got them... and put the vase away back under the sink.

You could adapt this little tree to Christmas or winter just as easily. You can really do just about any season or holiday on an adaptable twig tree! You could even spray-paint it with glitter or colored paint... and if you get twigs large enough, you could even add Christmas lights. They sell those little tiny lights at places like Garden Ridge Pottery also. If you are gifted with things of that nature, you could wrap the tree yourself. I think it would be pretty with white lights so that it would fit any season. Just add or remove the ornaments of your choice... it's that easy. Use your imagination!

Enjoy your holiday, fall, spring, winter, or summer tree!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Heather! You are so sweet to link to me. BTW, you are welcome to grab any of my micros you would like to use in any way. (Check out my public Flickr account). I seriously think that taking macros is a worthy activity to add to KONO's attentiveness unit. I wish digital photography had been available when my kiddos were little. I tend to be very "global" in the way I learn and view life around me. Macro photography has been a real eye-opener for me, especially when I download a photograph and see something I never saw when I actually snapped the picture. It has helped me to focus and pay attention to details that have otherwise escaped me. Hope y'all are having the most blessed of Christmas seasons, dear friend! Love ~ Patricia

Sprittibee said...

I just loved your tree, Patricia. My daughter said, "Can we make one like hers?" ;) Even my own kids liked yours better!!! Thanks for letting me borrow your pics. You take great shots. I especially love your froggie shots. Yes, Macro gives you a whole new perspective. I love it.

God bless you and yours this Christmas and hope you have a super 2007!

Your Sister In Christ,



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