December 09, 2006

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pumpkin Patch


Technically it is still autumn, so I thought I would finally get around to changing my blog sidebar to orange like I had planned when I changed my background back in early September. Now that there's just a few hours left of the season, of course. I found this photo from a previous school year's field trip and thought I would toss it in for good measure on this last week of fall as well. For you anal date-keepers, the exact winter solstice is not until the 21st. I think keeping an autumn template up when it is 20 degrees outside is a little like lying. I don't know about all this global warming stuff when the toes inside my socks (and boots) are so cold they are hurting. Texans are not built to withstand extreme cold. Snow and ice are words that bring panic to our streets (and insurance agents to look at our cars). Last night here in Arkansas, I slept hugging my little heating pad under three blankets (with long pajamas and socks on). So, forget these autumn blog colors and let's quit pretending already!

I could tell you about this field trip (hence the title of the post). That is what I normally do on a field trip post, after all. But let's be honest for a moment... who HASN'T been to a pumpkin patch? Even public schooled kids go to pumpkin patches. It isn't a very original field trip idea. What is there really to say about it that you don't already know? Not much. We went, we rode the train, we saw the pumpkins and Christmas trees (not holiday... CHRISTMAS trees), we took a hay ride, we picked out a pumpkin, and we went home. Somewhere along the trip there might have been allergy medicine for one or all of us (hay and farm animal smells tend to bring out the 'best' of our sinuses in the Bee family). That is about the extent of our fun on this one. I am sure it would rank above sitting at the table doing A Beka speed drills, however. The kids did enjoy the day.

The photo above was taken in 2003 (just after my husband left for Iraq and we began homeschooling again). For more about our homeschooling series and timeline, or to see other field trip lists and reviews, check out the link below. Most of my field trip photo posts are much more interesting... so I hope you won't judge me on this one!

To escape from the current 'global cooling', I'm headed off to turn up my heater and hunt down another pair of socks.

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Rhonda said...

Didn't you hear that global warming is actually going to cause another ice age? We saw it on the History International channel, so it must be true!



Sprittibee said...

Har har. ;) I have a friend in England who is convinced that it is the real deal. Regardless, I do believe that whatever happens, God is in control. If it is as bad as they say, no amount of "cutbacks" that we do now is going to stop it!



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