December 29, 2006

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

Chipotle Burrito Bol Bliss ~ Merry Christmas to me!

Burrito Eaters

Rice Monster

Chipotle's second biggest fan

The rest of the eleven Chipotle eaters are not pictured here (including myself). We love Chipotle (their website ain't too shabby either). So far on our trip, we've eaten there three times. I'm sure we'll probably eat there tomorrow, too. Our vacation is coming to an end soon (profuse weeping erupts), and parting is such sweet sorrow. The only problem with Christmas vacation is that it is too short. The only problem with Chipotle is that there isn't one in the ENTIRE state of Arkansas. Believe me, I've already begged them. They have no mercy.

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bigwhitehat said...

Good luck with that post Chipotle feeling. Oh, what a bloat.

Sprittibee said...

Do you not like Chipotle, BigWhiteHat? :)

Sunflower - You are welcome. Maybe I should exercise for comments, too?

Sheri - I am missing the country of Texas, as a matter of fact! My mom called me to tell me she was on a drive across the state yesterday and explained how sunny and beautiful and 72 degrees it was and I told her to STOP IT. I was getting really homesick. She's trying to talk me in to visiting her in Dallas some time this month. I just may pack up and take our schooling in the car! "Hotelschooling". ;) Maybe we can find a field trip opportunity there to do.

Anonymous said...
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