December 03, 2006

Sprittibee's December List and a Minga Burrito


* Updated again on 12/9/06

I told you I'd be trying to catch some nice shots of kitty torture around here [no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post]. Here's our latest fun at the expense of 'Minga the Snott' - a cat burrito!

I bet you think my 'December List' is a fun, educational holiday list with crafts and games and projects for Christmas. You would be wrong this time... although you can check this other post for some winter and Christmas craft ideas. This post is really just a list to keep me accountable to my priorities and get things done before we leave for our vacation. I have so much on my mind right now that I can hardly sit here at my desk. Maybe one day I'll be able to sit and discuss what all is going on in our little corner of the world, but I can't today...

So here is my list of things I need to do (besides listening to as much Christmas music as I can) between now and the 22nd of December:

December List

1. Do school with kids (Frontiersmen, Tracking & Trapping, Indians, Pioneers, Gold Rush, Oregon Trail, Westward Expansion and Explorers - KONOS "Attentiveness" Unit Study topics) from tomorrow until we leave for vacation on all days when Daddy is working (we take off days he's home and half days when we do field trips). Finish units if possible! Return library books and/or re-check books by Dec. 14th.

1a. Field Trip with co-op.

2. Grade papers and record grades, file them and box last year's paperwork for school to send home to storage. Gather up other things going to storage and put in "pile" by the entry way so we won't forget them.

3. Back up my files, contacts, favorites, photos, music and etc. on my PC (before tomorrow - that is when Dell is supposed to ship my computer to me!)

4. Plug in and set up new computer tomorrow! Yipee!!!

4a. Call Dell about software support issue on new PC and resolve. * The DVD player wasn't working right, but after about an hour and a half on the phone with some sweet lady in the Phillipines, we got it worked out. A+ for Dell on my first tech support phonecall. This is my first Dell desktop, by the way. Previously I have had Compaqs and a few hand-made towers (my hubby is a techie).

5. Sort and file a large box full of paperwork from 2005 that we brought here from storage so I can return it to storage when we return home.

6. Go get groceries, cook and feed family...

7. Endless laundry.

8. Reconcile checkbook, pay bills, work out debt and bill spreadsheets for next payday which will come after we leave for vacation (prepare those bills to be mailed off while in transit), enter husband's receipts into checkbook, file paperwork and find a box for end-of-year 2006 files.

9. Buy wire shelves next Friday.

10. Install wall shelving in my closet and move some clothes in my drawers of our dresser to the closet so we can put our CDs in the drawers (getting rid of clutter that is on top of surfaces! - Living in a 2 bedroom apartment is beginning to really FREAK ME OUT when it comes to clutter!)

11. Go to craft store for a few supplies so we can make a few hand made gifts before we leave (Morgan already made some cute popsicle stick reindeer ornaments that I'll take a photo of when they are completed for the blog)...

12. Finish reading "The Mislabeled Child" and do a book review on the blog.

13. Call dentist and make arrangements to see him while we are on vacation. * No dentist visit for us... they are closed the week of Christmas. I can't blame them. You would think I might have guessed that would be the case!!?!

14. Finish mailing out cards to friends and family that I have on a list in my dayplanner. *NEED to print 11 copies of my extra long Christmas Letter to take home at Christmas for family, too....

15. Order box of holiday pecans.

16. Celebrate Kev's birthday (out to eat catfish)

17. Pack bags for Texas trip.

18. Borrow moving trailer and hitch from church for Texas trip.

19. Unload storage unit (here) and load into moving trailer.

20. Take moving trailer to Texas and unload into storage unit (there).

21. Return moving trailer to church. (With a BIG THANK YOU NOTE and a box of Texas holiday pecans!)

Wow. That's a lot of stuff. I should probably go take care of #3, 5 and 7 right now before bed... as much as can be done tonight... I'll come back in later and update this post as I go by striking off what I complete. This will be good practice for my new-years resolutions I'll have coming up next month!

* I'm back to check in on my list. I love my new monitor, but I have not moved all my files over yet from the old computer... so I am kind of unable to blog properly as of yet. We enjoyed a fun field trip this morning to the Toltec Mounds (which have absolutely nothing to do with actual Toltec Indians). It was a rather long drive, but the weather was lovely and even in the cold, there was so much sunshine that it was enjoyable regardless. The kids and I got to blow little darts out of a blowpipe at a target (a picture of a squirrel with a target circle on it's middle). We had fun playing Indian games. I did a few more items on this list and striked them as you see above. Now I'm off to get to #1, 2, 3, 6 & 15! See you later!

* I'm back to cross a few more things off. We loaded up our storage today and can't WAIT to head out of town! Daddy's birthday cake had an "earthquake" when we came home after icing it. It was too funny. The apartment looks so much better without that big pile of junk in the entry way and with my bedroom clutter gone! YIPEE!

Have a super week and God bless you during this busy holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my GOODNESS, what a list! I thought I was busy;))

You seem very organized, which has to help a lot! Have a great month!

Sheri said...

See now, we are taking a month to chill out and really focus on the kids. We'll still get some minor things done, but for the most part if they want to play board games all day then that's what we'll do. Read bible stories? All righty then! Bake cookies? Sure, why not!

You can read about it at my homeschool blog: Http://

Sprittibee said...

Yes, yes... busy and not feeling 100% the past couple of days. We took a school day off today. I am trying to check that list off, however... slowly!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine what is going through your kitty's head as you snapped that picture.... :)

Hey, you need to slow down, girl! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Love ya,


Sprittibee said...

Oh, I am so tired! Looking back at this list makes me feel like I need to get up and do things (and it is after 10pm. Hubby has been getting home at midnight this week, so our schedule is really off.

I'm looking forward to that Loooooooong break for Christmas! We leave here some time after the 20th and won't be home until January. I probably won't start back to school until the second week of January. That is a THREE week break for us! ;) YIPEEEEEE. I think I need it more than they do.

Your schedule sounds nice, Sheri.

Thanks so much for the well-wishes, Bev. I need to get over to your site tonight before I turn this machine off. Kev won't help me get the files transferred to my new PC because we don't have another extension cord/power tree thing. I can't have two computers on right here at my desk and that is what it would require. So, for the mean time, I'm just using this pristine new machine without any of my data. :) Kind of nice and mindless in a way... :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Minga, I had to laugh out loud on that one...her eyes hold the look of sheer horror...or annoyance...not sure which. Being that she is a cat, I'm going with annoyance.

Sprittibee said...

Sara - How are you doing? Minga is fine. If you can't have fun at a cat's expense, you just can't have fun. :) I got another photo of her that I'm going to post soon.



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