January 09, 2007

Bad, Mad, Sad, Had. What a day mom had.


This is Minga. Minga couldn't decide if she wanted to just tie her laces or chew on them. Those are some fancy tennis shoes, eh? They really aren't hers (they are mine). Kev calls them my "bling-bling" shoes. They are kinda snazzy (in an "I'm trying to look like a teenager" kind of way). I don't much care what other people think of my shoes, though. My husband would nod his head in mortified agreement here (if he were to read my blog). If they look cute, I'm going to wear them... even if they are rain boots shaped like cowboy boots with Hindi flower patterns in autumn colors all over them (and it's not raining and 90 degrees out... and I'm getting blisters). Some guy at the grocery store said to me one day (when wearing said boots): "Those are some colorful boots you got there." What he really said (I've learned to decipher 'Southern-male') is "You 'ain't from around here, is ya?"

This photo has been brought to you on the wings of inspiration provided by "Stuff On My Cat dot com". We also piled pillows on Minga today and left just a little hole for her head to stick out. It was funny. Not to her of course, but isn't that the point? To have fun at her expense? Yes. Yes. And after that, I turned her belly up while holding her and played the "Minga-lin" (kind of like a violin without strings). [Did you know that cats used to really be part of a violin in the old days? Gross, eh? Sorry to get off topic.] The "Minga-lin" produces music (squeaky meows) when I rub it's furry belly. It is a dangerous instrument to play, though... if you don't put it down after only a few musical notes, you might have your eye put out by it's claws.

I really needed some comic relief today. Thanks for letting me just unwind in here (you are such a wonderful audience). This has been a day of bad news and bad happenings for me. I found out that Anissa died today, leaving her husband and infant son behind (and many other family members and friends who will miss her dearly). My mom lost her job. My library doesn't carry Rosetta Stone. My son sprained his ankle a little and has been hopping around the house since our walk today. We have been having a hard time getting back into a school routine with my husband's midnight schedule. And it is possible that one of my favorite people(s) may be moving to the other side of the planet.

Yes, I am aware of my grammar errors. And I am aware that I teach grammar. Kind of ironic, hu?

Needless to say, between chores and school today, I've been a little on the emotional side.

I'm sure that I'll be back to my normal blogging self soon. I know that God has a purpose in our setbacks. Sometimes just being still and letting yourself feel the pain is the best thing you can do. God is good - even when 'there's pain in the offering'. If Minga can put up with us torturing her day in and day out, surely I can put up with a bad day now and then, too.

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Crystal Starr said...

ROFL!!! Hahahhahahaha you're so cute! I can't wait to show Emily this picture tomorrow she'll for sure crack up!

That's too funny about your boots!

Anonymous said...

The picture is too funny! I'm sorry that you are feeling emotional and in pain ... regardless, your words here are always edifying.

Praying His blessings for you today!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet spiritbee, I am so sorry you are overwhelmed...I know the feelin!! but seriously love absolutely love your blog and I will keep visiting!
I also know that a creative time helps to sooth the soul, sewing,knitting,creating something out of nothing seems to be a task that brings a great fulfillment to the soul...be anxious for nothing sweet friend...he will guard your heart and mind through christ jesus...

Anonymous said...

James 1

2Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials,

3knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

4And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

Dear Sprittibee,
Having walked through various of our own valleys, as recently as yesterday, I know it can just take your breath. Hang in there. You give so much comfort to us, I pray we can all comfort you now.

We will pray for this family who has lost wife, mother, daughter, friend. My heart aches for them all.

Shalom, Kim

Blessings, Kim

Sprittibee said...

Crystal - I wore my other pair of those boots today. They are just as rubber and just as cowboyish... but they are black and white checkered. ;)

Heather - I appreciate your kind words. I read over what I had written before the "changes" and realized I was whining, so I RE-WROTE all those edifications in there. I don't always THINK them up front. ;) Good thing the Holy Spirit is there guiding my steps or I would just be a big baby in a pity pot!

Tanya - Thanks so much for your prayers and the advice. We took the day off from school today and ran around town doing errands. I let the kids use their Christmas gift cards at Target, we got groceries, we went to the bank to drop off a bag of change (the kids enjoyed taking a look in the safe deposit box room!), went to the library, and we went to church. They are playing with their new toys right now. Not a stitch of school got done... other than a bit of library book reading! I feel a little better today. I'm breaking my diet to enjoy some Milano cookies later, too! :) YUMMM.

Hinds Feet - Great verse. What valley did you walk through yesterday? I sure appreciate the prayers. I think they would be better deserved for Anissa's family and my mom, though. I know God only lets things happen that are for our ultimate good. I'll be OK! :)

Bev - It is so good to know that you are also feeling the same winter blahs. I'm behind on grading and recording again, and I am such a perfectionist that I feel like I have to stop and take a few days off to get caught up before we can move on. I think that we are going to do JUST THAT. I also took advantage of the sunshine today and yesterday and got OUT of the apartment. We have been stir crazy after all the dreary rain and cold. Our plans to go hiking were put on hold. I heard there was more rain and cold coming, so we were glad to see the sun yesterday and today. :) Although we haven't gotten much school done, we are working and getting things done around the house. I stocked up on my groceries and made a menu (which makes school flow easier), went through our books and games and posted them for sale to make some money (and took four bags of them to the post office to weigh today), and just enjoyed the kids today. It has been nice to let go of the stress some and relax. I keep trying to remind myself that I am not on a race to get done by May. Our school year ended last year in August and began again in August... and if I have to do it that way again, I will. I would rather school year round than stress out for 8 months and have only the summer off to relax.

;) THERE IS NO SPOON (the spoon in this case is the regulations required by school districts and such).

I'm FREE!!!! Wow. Now I feel better. Off to find my bag of Milano cookies and do some blog reading. :)



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