January 15, 2007

*Create Your Own* FREE Blank Calendar

I get a lot of hits from people looking for free calendars. I have given out many links to printable calendar templates over the year and a half that I've been blogging. I am a calendar and list junkie. That makes it all the more ironic that I never really began using MS Outlook's task and calendar functions. Recently I have decided to give it a try.

If you have a copy of MS Office, you can easily set up your Outlook mail program to keep track of email contact's birthdays (if you enter their birthday in the contact area, it will automatically update your calendar with it). You can use Outlook to keep track of addresses for contacts, tasks you need to get done (complete with reminders and the option of making them reoccurring), all of your important appointments, schedule items (homeschool schedule?!), and even a journal!

I recently discovered that you can print your own day planner pages from Outlook as well. You can print them WITH your information or you can print a blank calendar - it is all up to you!

Here are the instructions I discovered online for printing a blank calendar:

You can quickly print a blank calendar in Outlook using the steps below:

Within Outlook, click the File menu, point to New, and click Folder.
Type in a name for the folder.
Click Calendar Items from the Folder contains list.
Click Calendar under Select where to place the folder.
Click OK.
Highlight your new folder from the Folder list.
From the File menu, click Print.
Under the Print Style, select the type of calendar you want to print.
Select the start and end date under the Print range.
Click OK.

To print your marked calendar (already has scheduled tasks and appointments), you would simply do the following:

Click your Calendar menu within Outlook in the left sidebar
Click File, and Print.
A box will pop up allowing you to choose the style of your calendar and it will allow you to pick what dates to print, how many copies you want to print, how you want the pages collated, and more.
If you select the Page Setup button on this box, you can further choose the layout, the times you want on your day, if you want 1 or 2 pages per day/week/month, the font and shading, etc.
You can also preview the page if you click Print Preview in this view.
It allows you to select a header and footer as well - and you can include your tasks and notes by just clicking a button.

In the end, you are able to print a highly customized day planner page with your tasks, birthdays, holidays and appointments already written out for you. How cool is that?!?!?

Now if I could get my copy to print the active tasks instead of those already crossed off... it would be perfect. I'm still working on that bug, and downloaded the free Windows Office 2007 Calendar Assistant... so I'll come back in and give you a preview of my calendar page once I get it ironed out!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is Heidi again.
Would you please take my last name off my previous post? You can delete this post too. Thanks. I am new to this blogging stuff, can you tell?!

Sprittibee said...

Heidi left me a message, but I had to delete it because she accidentally left her last name... but here is her message:

Hi again, this is Heidi from Grand Rapids - I posted a comment awhile ago about thinking of homeschooling our kids some day. I just read your post from yesterday about the education major who thought your craft was not a good thing to do. I am an education major as well and he didn't know what he was talking about. (I also wonder if he knows that he will probably do one of those crafts with his future students some day. Most schools do a box craft at some point.) I think your craft looked like a lot of fun. AND, not only was it FUN, but your kids actually IMPROVED their "motor skills" just by ripping, crumpling, cutting, and gluing paper (I know this because my mother-in-law has been in the early childhood through kindergarten teaching field for 25 some odd years and she is always telling me how to improve my kids motor skills!) They also were able to express their creativity by using many different colors, textures, shapes etc. I am sure your kids are getting an excellent (and FUN) education. Don't let ignorant comments like that get you down. Be encouraged!

Next time you want to send a more personal note, you can just click the about me link on my post and shoot me an email instead. Or, just be sure you don't add personal info when you comment because it will be visible to others on the internet. ;) Thanks for leaving the message, though. It is good to know that I'm not the only one who isn't afraid of glitter!

Sprittibee said...

See... it's not my day, either. What I meant to say was click the CONTACT ME link to email me... but to make it easier, here's the address:

sprittibee at sbcglobal dot net

(change the at to @ and the dot to .)

Anonymous said...

Your site looks like a lot of fun! I'm a former and future homeschooler, but not current.
I saw your post on being sad, so I thought I'd give you a link to something that should cheer you when your down in the future! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANxjDLlTKoQ
Way to funny! I laugh and cry when I watch it.
I'm constantly amazed at the complete idiocy of people who are "educated." Obviously not a parent, either. It would be dangerous to believe that and have a child.

Anonymous said...


Do you have any tips for me on the Frontiermen KONOS unit? I'm planning on doing it when we move to NC, we are moving up next month and I want to get as much stuff ready for it now...if possible. I blogged at HSB, for a slight update on what's been happening if you wanna stop by.

BTW, I hope y'all aren't apart of the ice storm, my mom has no power, but thank God they have a fireplace. She was planning on visiting b4 we move, but we'll see. Sorry for such a long comment. I miss blogging and reading blogs, so I'm justifying this life long comment. TTYL

God Bless,

MommyLydia said...

It is very very easy in the new blogger environment to reveal my last name accidentally :(

If I have been logged on to gmail, maybe blogger accounts for some reason will choose my gmail login instead of my blogger login to be the "comment" name... and it can be difficult to convince it otherwise. And my gmail account has my real name on it :(

Sprittibee said...

Thanks qtpies7. Welcome and come back and visit any time. :) I watched the video, but wasn't sure it was the right one. ???

Amber - Email me on the frontiersmen unit. I did a post about it earlier at this link: Frontiersmen & Indians Lesson Plans ... but we are not done with the unit yet.

No, we are not part of the ice storm... we did have minor ice here and there, but the roads are safe and although we are cold (in the teens last night), we are fine.

You can come in here and leave me a lengthy comment any time. :)

My Boaz's Ruth - I don't put my last name on anything online. I didn't even give Paypal my last name.

Anonymous said...

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