February 02, 2007

Field Trip Foto Friday: Snow Day!

What could be more educational than learning to build your very first snowman? How about learning what frostbite feels like? Yikes!



Throwing snowballs is fun!


My two Texas kids don't have much experience when it comes to snow. It was like waking up to a winter wonderland this morning and there was no way school was going to start as usual in our house! We put on our boots, coats, and smiles... and headed out to play.


Here's my boot print. These are genuine rubber cowgirl rain boots.


Take a look at our sweet little snowman. He has rock buttons, orange-flavored chewing gum nose, stick arms, a pipecleaner scarf, a carved snow smile, and two little zante currants for eyes! He's a good-lookin' cowboy snowman (minus the hat). He's still out there (although much of his landscape is now melted away). He has lost a button... but is hanging on.


Here's what the rug at our doorstep says.... glad I didn't get rid of it after Christmas.


We're off to get the oil changed and the kids are going to do a little school (even though the rest of the kids in our area have taken the day off) while Mom packs our bags for a warm Texas trip.


What a blessing to get to play in the snow. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend with your family and friends. I'll be sure to update you all with postcards from our Texas trip and even possibly (shhhh!) a new blog design for February!

God bless each of you and may you be warm and happy!

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Emily said...

Hehe... Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Here in Iowa we're having temps. around 0. Have a great time in Texas and lookin' forward to the postcards. :)

Anonymous said...

I so wish we would get some snow in 'Bama!

PS - my daughter has a childs version of the cowgirl rain boots - those are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow! Isn't it fun?


Alexandra said...

Too cute! We had snow but it didn't stick. Believe or not, I like snow every once in while...it's fun!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little snowman! Very creative with the pipecleaner scarf.

Anonymous said...

LOL Those pics are great! Ours had rock buttons also. We used a day-old french fry for his nose. The weener dog found it two days later though, and ate the front of his face off :(

Sprittibee said...

Emmy - Thanks sweetie! Sorry it took me so long to get back with you... vacations tend to take up all your free time. :)

Brenda - Yuck! ZERO?! I like winter and being cold, but not that cold! Hope you liked the "postcards".

Tonya - I love my boots. This last snow we had was great... no ICE with it! It came, and went without a fuss! So nice. We don't get much snow in Texas like that... maybe once in ten years.

Bev - Yes, snow is delightful when it doesn't turn to sludge, ice, or get too thick and prevent you from getting about. I don't think I could live too far North for that reason!

Alexandra - Moderation is key when it comes to snow, eh?! :)

Karen W - Thanks for the snowman compliments. My Step-MIL asked me about the scarf. She said she was wondering what it was made of and how big the snowman really was from the photos she saw.

Sara - Love that visual of your puppy eating the snowman's face off. You should have sent that in to "America's Funniest Home Videos".



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