February 22, 2007

The Not So Interesting Reason for My Blog Neglect

I was so glad that someone noticed I had taken a short blogging break… however, as I sat down to type out this blog post, I couldn’t help but reflect on how pathetic it was that I didn’t have some grandiose reason for taking a short hiatus. I had to laugh when I realized I didn’t have much more interesting to say than I got a new set of dishes at a five-and-dime store and took the kids to the park to ride their bikes. It is boring blog material when you are domestic and family-oriented, let’s face it. I certainly don't mean to apologize for the time I spent with my husband and my children, though. What a blessing and time of refreshing it is to find joy in the simple things and wonderful people in your life!

While I am a slacker of a blogger (here's where I'll offer the apology - sorry!), at least I did have the blog on my mind a little yesterday. My husband’s schedule changed again (no more weekends off) and he was home Wednesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday (yesterday), we did school and then used the rest of the day to hang out with Daddy (and go eat out). Yesterday, I wrote up a post about talking to your kids about sex (yes, I know that sounds strange!)… but I figured I would review it a few times and add some links and books before I posted it.

Today, I found better ways than blogging to spend my time as well (not that I don’t love you invisible friends and my computer very much). The sun shining outside today won out over proof-reading, spell-checking and re-drafting yesterday’s post. Our family took a trip with the kids to Little Rock, ate lunch at River Market (I had the best falafel I've ever had in my life), went to see Central High (black history month), and took the children and their bikes to a park near the Arkansas River. On the way home, honey and I stopped in to get some dishes and were so happy to finally pack up all the plastic Tupperware plates and cups we’ve been eating on for the past 18 months! We settled on a 24 piece set of white, fake Majolica. Not bad for 15$. But I digress…

I’ll admit that this post is more of a personal “Thanks for missing me!” and “Sorry for neglecting you!” than anything else. I don’t have a wonderful educational tip, fabulous link, or exciting story to relay. I’ve just been enjoying my family for a couple of days… and have not had the heart (or the time) to give my blog proper attention for a “professional” post (as you can tell by reading THIS one).

I keep making promises about what will be “up next”… and I do have a few things I really would like to get posted… but I hate to say just when I will be done with all of them. In case you were wondering what is up my blogging sleeve, here’s a glimpse of future posts to be looking forward to:

Book review of “The Mislabeled Child” ('excellent book' would shorten my review to two words… but stay tuned and I’ll get a little more in depth than that!)

More of my Homeschool Series ~ 2005-2006 School Year records (field trips, photos, curriculums, book list, favorite KONOS units and memories from when my kids were in 2nd and 3rd Grade)

The Birds and the Bees (my short story about how talking with your kids about sex is not as scary as it may seem)

My School-List, Chore-List and School-Box Schedule Method (discussing my new homeschool organization methods that have been helping us stay on task and get more done)

KONOS Wrap-Ups and Kick-Offs (the pros of adding excitement, parties, field trips, and fun to your unit studies)

I’m sure there are a number of other drafts brewing in my blogger files, but I am not making any promises as to when I can get these all cranked out. I have just a couple of weeks to prepare for house guests and standardized tests… and I’m also considering doing a little freelance writing on the side. Time is a precious commodity for a homeschool mama. If you can put up with my short picture posts long enough to give me time to finish these projects in the works, I promise that they will eventually appear in here!

Don’t give up on me yet!

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Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Hey, it's all good, Heather. At least you didn't win the Sorriest Blogger Award! LOL!!!

Seriously, glad to hear you having a great time with your family and enjoying being outside. Of course, here in Colorado it's really important to take time out for good weather. We have snow on its way again this weekend.

I know I'll enjoy your posts whenever you get to them, but family comes first.

Dianne :-)

MommyLydia said...

Note when MY last post was.
And I keep meaning to post something about Anne of Green Gables.

Don't worry, mama. Go be a mama :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! And I check it just about every day, so you can be sure that YOU ARE MISSED when you don't post :) (but of course I understand priorities). I can't wait for the upcoming posts! They look great.

KarenW said...

Everyone needs a break! Enjoy your family.

TheNormalMiddle said...

We would NEVER give up on you!

Alexandra said...

I think a lot of people are taking breaks...just kind of a blah time right before Spring. Also, some of us down South are getting some warm days, wahooo! The warmer it gets, the more I want to get away from the computer.

Sprittibee said...

Hey Dianne... you didn't win the sorriest blogger award either! You were just whining!

My Boaz's Ruth - I guess we all need a blog break now and then.

Debbie - You are too sweet. ;) Thank you!!!

Karen - How is the packing coming along? I know you are busy!!! I can't wait to find out where you are headed next!

Lindsey - :) You are so kind. I just love that sky in your icon. So blue and pretty... just like it has looked up here as the spring-like weather.

Alexandra - Yes, the Southern spring weather is a dream. Wish it could be like this all year.



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