February 07, 2007

Postcard From Texas: Hill Country

I wish I had a graphics program and a lot of time on my hands. As it is, I'm spending precious few moments with friends and trying to enjoy this short vacation... so you'll have to do without fancy graphics (or original photos since I forgot my camera!). Today's quick postcard is the Texas Hill Country (my favorite place on planet Earth).


You can learn more about the Hill Country at the link under the title of this post!
Happy Wednesday y'all! I'm off to enjoy my time in the Lone Star State!

Photo by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Anonymous said...

completely offtopic.

4 books you should read.

daniel and revelations (uriah smith), patriarchs and prophets, prophets and kings, desire of ages (all ellen g. white). i have not, and will not read 'the great covroversy', because i believe at some point she (as well as many others) acted presumptuously to say the least. but please read the others. you wont regret it.

justjuls said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! I can't wait to see hill country! We moved to TX in the spring - and bought our house in SE Texas in September - but there is so much of this big huge state I want to see. I think I have commented here before and knew you were in TX! Howdy neighbor! (well sort of!)

MommyLydia said...

It looks like Austin may be in Hill Country?

Hanley Family said...

Well then, I can just tell you have never been to the Nebraska sandhills. Did you know that we have one of the largest expanses of sand in the world? All covered with a unique type of prairie grass.

Sorry, I had to put in a plug for my under-appreciated state.

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl. The boys loved Kaden's letter. Alex is going to write back. :)

Have a safe trip and give us a buzz when you're in town one of these times (I know it's hard to fit everything/one in...)


Sprittibee said...

anonymous - let me know who you are and maybe a link to your blog and I'll see about looking in to the books. I don't normally do anonymous book suggestions.

jewls - What area are you in within the TX borders? The hill country is just beautiful... a rugged, rocky, misty, sunny, hilly, ranch look... with rivers and cactus and white-tail deer... armadillos, cedar trees, and lovely twisted live-oaks. I just love it. There is really a little of everything in Texas... from beach, to mountain... and all the in-betweens.

Howdy Back-atcha!

My Boaz's Ruth: Yes, Austin is partly hill-country and partly farm-land. I-35 separates the town and you'll find mostly hill-country on the LEFT (West) of 35 and mostly fertile farmlands on the RIGHT (East) of 35. That is one reason that people who just pass THROUGH Austin never really see all the pretty land... because most of it isn't visible from the main freeway through town.

Dana - I'd love to visit the Nebraska Sandhills. ;) I just don't have much money for traveling outside of a limited radius! Maybe you can link me some photos or send me some URLs to check out! I don't mean to under-appreciate your state! Of course, I'm a little partial to TX, but I've only been in 16 of the U.S. States. ;)

Cindy - keep us in your prayers that we can come back next time to stay! I can't wait to see you guys again!!!! Kaden is anxiously awaiting a reply.



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