March 03, 2007

Hey - It's ME without a nose!!!

Yesterday, I created a computer-generated ME at (hat tip to ~ who is also a member with me at Maya's Mom). Design-her Gals is a neat printing and graphics site that allows you to create a gal (yourself, your mom, your best friend, your daughter...) and then email e-cards or create custom invitations or cards to order and mail.

Aside from the missing nose, this little lady looks somewhat like me... especially with the megaphone hanging out of my hand there. I tend to be loud... which makes living in apartments an adventure. I am married to the ultimate quiet and well-mannered guy. Opposites attract, eh?! His broken record usually repeats the phrase, "Walk softly" or "Lower your voice, please" all day and all night long! We have him outnumbered... me and my monkeys. The kids are as loud as I am. I picked the megaphone on purpose - to say the least.

The shoes are also a match. Just take a look at this photo of my shoes (and my cat). My Skecher 'bling-bling' tennis-shoes look very much like those (besides the silver... mine are black and gold). Those graphic artists at Design-her are very talented, yes?! My hair usually doesn't look that well-groomed (although it is that long when I put it up in a clip). Oh, and my watch has a silver band, not a black band (I wasn't able to change that). It is a pretty cute avatar, though, isn’t it??!

Yesterday, we were having a rough day getting back into our school routine, so Mommy took some time out to create an e-card with my gal on it for the kids. I wrote them a little poem to go with it. Here it is:

~ a poem by Sprittibee

I'm sorry that I sometimes yell...
Just wanted you to know...
That even when I'm mad or cross...
I still do love you so!

So please forgive your mommy...
Even when the day goes SOUTH.
Please love me any way...
Despite my big LOUD mouth!

The kids were tickled to get this card with the little megaphone-mommy on the side. It made their day. My daughter has already made one for a friend, a friend's sister, and herself today!

If you design your own “gal” you will be amazed at all of the choices you have. You can even pick a dog or cat (they have a lot of dog breeds) instead of a stack of books to set beside your little lady (or a TIGER, rabbit, parrot, ....etc.). I nixed the cat for a stack of books (since that is a little more realistic and fits the megaphone better - my kids call me the "slave driver").

As says:

"You can create stationery, stickers, party invitations, announcements, t-shirts, labels and all sorts of great gifts that look just like you and your friends! You can even design an avatar to use in emails. Bloggers, you can design a gal to put on your blog to jazz it up and even possibly make some money with their affiliate program."

Besides how cute these little dolls are, they contribute to a great cause. 5% of every sale goes to the gal-to-gal foundation for breast cancer. The Gal to Gal Foundation believes that women diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer deserve a great amount of support in order to maintain their dignity while receiving treatment throughout the progression of their disease. Over 300,000 patients worldwide will lose their lives to Stage IV Breast Cancer this year. The Gal to Gal Foundation identifies, partners with, and provides funding to existing organizations dedicated to the emotional and financial well-being of Stage IV Breast Cancer survivors.

Have fun making your own virtual "gal" and remember that you are serving a good cause!

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m said...

Thanks for the link. I'll definitely be checking it out!!! I've been wanting a graphic character for me. Bonus that it's going to a good cause! And I feel you on the bad day and 'getting' back into the school routine. I've been blogging about that too at my place. Great idea about the poem. I should try something like that as well. You inspire me so much. God bless!

Anonymous said...

After I see your blog, I think you are a smart wife for your husband and a smart mother for your children.
How do you manage time for your family?

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Mandy. ;) I appreciate the pats on the back... even if I need the advice I give out just as much as everyone else! ;)

Tanto... I have to give all credit for my blog and my other talents to the Lord. I wrote an answer to your question in today's post, however... Check out the post for 3/5/07!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Your virtual doll looks great! It is so cute. Thanks for the mention - I'm glad you enjoyed the link. :-)

Sprittibee said...

Thanks, Csara! ;) I can't wait to get my cards.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the link--so much fun!



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