March 18, 2007

Is This a Homeschool Blog or WHAT?!!?


That is how I feel right now.

My fingers smell like hot dogs (a sure sign that I am using up leftover camping food). Hey... at least we ate a salad with the dogs and chips.

My house is finally clean. My paperwork has been sorted. The laundry is in progress (and I'll finish it tomorrow after I go get some more detergent). The kids have been invaluable today in helping clean the house and get things done. What great helpers they are.

Now it is time for the hard work:

  • checkbook

  • bills

  • homeschool planning

  • grading and recording the last two weeks

  • updating my day-planner after a week off

  • getting the kids to their standardized tests this week

...and getting my groove back.

I'd like to say that I'm a homeschool blogger... but lately, I've been off in la-la land. Sorry! Sometimes life is just a wee bit overwhelming. Comes atcha fast, don't it?

Anyway... I just wanted to say to you bloggy buddies out there... the lurking readers, faithful subscribers, web surfing googlers, and those unfortunate souls that are lured in here by some obscure link that has nothing to do with my blog... THANKS for putting up with me and my quirky, meandering ways.

Some day I really will get 2005-6 and 2006-7 posted in my homeschool series. Really. No, really!

Until then... say a prayer for my brain to kick into gear and for my ability to make some progress before our lives are turned upside down with another move! I really want to finish this school year out with the feeling that we 'Rock-'n-Rolled'.

So far we are a tad behind, but hopefully will be gaining soon. I have quite a bit of kindling to gather up for the fire that needs to be burning under my 'bo-tine' because this Konos chick is making me feel like I'm farther behind than I imagined.

Now excuse me while I go get some Windex and a rag to clean off my keyboard... I'm sure hotdogs are not supposed to be left on your computer equipment...

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Anonymous said...

I sure know how you feel ....
It's back to the grindstone too, in the Lonestar State...


Amelia Antwiler said...

I am one of those lurking readers. That KONOS chick made you feel behind? I'm still Studying the months and seasons! I've made a 2 week study into a month - and my 6yo DS still can't separate months and days of the week when I ask.

What are we doing right now? the kids are outside because it's going to rain later today.

What a fantastic Spring break you had! ours was caused by ear infections. ;-)

Thanks for letting me lurk-read. You may be behind according to your calendar - but you're still further ahead than I am - and I come visit you often for inspiration!

Keep up the good work! Happy Planning!

Sprittibee said...

RG - Wish we were there. But if we were, it would be a lot harder to get things done!

Comfydenim - Yes, we are back to school today and having tests this week... so I feel behind due to the fact that we didn't get as far in our "scheduled units" as I wanted to get by this time of the year... and because my kids have to take the standardized tests in early March when our school year won't end until probably July.

If we have to move in the middle of this school year, we may just do an all-year school and not have a summer break. That would mean that whatever month we move WOULD be our summer break.

Lots on our plates right now... no solid news, but you just never know.



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