March 24, 2007

Saturday Brain Dump...

Sorry for this random brain-drooling... I don't feel like much else but getting my thoughts out today. I'm taking it easy in the blogosphere today. Maybe I'll actually put forth a little effort in here later this week if I can get my 2005-6 Homeschool Series ready in my spare time tomorrow. Don't hold your breath, though!

We're doing school today. In fact, we have to take advantage of every day that we can to do school because we never know when Daddy's next day off will be (and it usually comes in the middle of our planned week); so Saturday is our make-up day. We never do school Sundays, so that makes our weeks shorter than most other homeschoolers (4 days, rather than 5). I'm working on getting into an earlier schedule and getting my enthusiasm back. It seems that Spring and the distractions it brings tend to make us want to do anything but focus on school. I would like to be done with school by the end of June, but that is really pushing it if we have to move again. Who knows where we will be this time next year?!

I re-did our schedule today and made a little rainbow-color chart for the kids. I put it on our fridge. They like the chart and are really trying to help me stay on it so they can claim the FREE time in the afternoons. When we start to get off on a tangent, I just remind them "Your free time is quickly disappearing..." and they start to scurry around like little mice to get back on track. Why didn't I think of the "Rainbow Chart" sooner? Like five years ago?! Today the kids prayed that we could have a "Rainbow Day" and get our whole list checked off. How cute. I'd love to have a feeling of accomplishment after such a long time off from school. Seems we were having quite a few bad days before Spring Break because we were so unable to get our minds focused on the work at hand. The kids were drawing on their Math sheets and taking four times as long to do everything. They were writing things like "9 days until Spring Break!!!!!!" on the edges of their papers; as if I needed a reminder! The mind is a hard beast to tame when it starts to daydream and wander! Hopefully, I can get a graphic made of my schedule to put in here for you to see... but if that doesn't happen, I might type it out if anyone is interested.

To change the subject.... I am thrilled with the final product that my Swank buddies came up with for the Homeschool Blog Awards. I wrote down a few of my favorite blogs today from the endless blogrolls on my sidebar. I have too many favorites for even 21 categories. I will be one of the first on Monday to start nominating blogs! There are two bloggers that I will be nominating from last year (remember - these are the 2006 awards!) that are currently NOT blogging anymore. I wanted to give them the credit they deserve anyway. They blessed me so much and I have really missed them. Curious to know who they are? I'll tell you... SpunkyHomeschool and Dandelion Seeds. I hope they both win a prize... and maybe someday come back to blog again.

I had better get back to my first duty: homeschooling. Daddy just helped the kids with their math sheets and is in the shower. I'm going to finish making our lunch that I began last night: home-made Asian fried rice and Sesame Chicken Fingers. I also made a really great recipe last night from a current magazine I bought (Red Cabbage-Pear Slaw and BBQ Chicken with a side of Twice-Baked Potatoes). I'll probably put that recipe up on Gathering Manna some time this week. I have really been neglecting my foodie blog. My apologies to those of you who actually go there and read it... all two of you.

I pray you and yours all have a wonderful Saturday (as most of you are off having fun with your families today). Enjoy your weekend!!!

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