April 30, 2007

Bee Shirt and Non-Blog Material


Just me here: Sprittibee. No great links, no interesting stories, no homeschool schedules or book reports. Not even a field trip photo. Those will come in due time. I feel like just talking today. Is small-talk considered 'blog material'?

The weather finally warmed up here in Arkansas. We're now up to a whopping 85 degrees (F) for the first time this year. It will get back down to 74 on Tuesday... but then it will get right back up here to 85 again this weekend. That is our high for the next TEN days. And this is May. If there was one thing I'd like to stuff in a bag and take back to Texas with me (besides some of the lovely people I've met here in Arkansas), the WEATHER would be IT. Houston's weather is not that much different from ours this week according to the Weather Channel online... however, they don't take in to account the fact that when you walk outside in Houston, you might as well have your bathing-suit on because the air is so thick with moisture that it feels like you need GILLS to breathe in it. Ha! And they say it is humid here in Arkansas. Phooey! I made the comment this morning to my husband that it felt a little humid today and he said, "Heather! You act like you've never been to Houston. For shame, girl!" I'm sure that anywhere we end up in Texas is going to be hard to get used to 'temperature-wise' for a bit. ...Hey! That's what air-conditioning is for, though. I hate heat.

By the way... I cut SEVEN inches off of my hair yesterday (can't really tell in the photo since it is still long enough to put in a clip - I have to be able to get it off my neck and face in the summer). Yes, sir. I got sick of my hair getting stuck under my arms and having the kids nearly pull it all out of my head when they wanted to sit next to me on the couch. It was near the bottom of my back, but it was soooo unhealthy. Now all those split ends are gone and my head feels pounds lighter. Still, it is taking a while to get used to it. I always regret cutting it for a few days afterwards. It grows fast. I'll live. Kev may even highlight it for me like he did a couple of years ago. He's really good with those hair color kits, amazingly. Well, at least the last time he was (it was the only time he ever did it). We'll see if he can manage to not turn my hair pink or red this time. I am going to try and do multi-colored highlights (a touch of orange and blonde). My hair already has a faint reddish tint in the sunlight. (Kev got me that bee shirt in the photo at Old Navy not long ago - I love it! Kaden took the photo.)

Morgan is loosing another tooth (she's 8). She's been walking around with a napkin that has little drops of blood on it. She keeps asking me if I want to see her stick her tongue under her tooth. Yuck. NO THANKS. She has one tooth that doesn't have a grown-up tooth under it (according to her last x-ray). I sure hope that this tooth isn't the one. Poor thing. I think she's going to need braces like I had when I was a kid.

Kev gave a speech about Creation and Evolution in his class at school today. It was great. He had some great graphics that he found online and used a flip chart. I'm sure he will get a good grade on it since his was well over the required four minutes and he put so much work in to it. The paper had to be factual and not "persuasive", so he presented both sides without bias and showed graphics for each. I thought he did great. Hopefully now that there is only a week or so left in the school semester, we will be finding out soon that he has an interview somewhere in Texas. He has over 20 applications in for jobs back home. A transfer would be a great Mother's Day gift for me! I haven't seen my mom since Christmas.

As for homeschool, we are still doing Trust: Ships and Floating. Looks like a few of our field trips are going to be a little too expensive for right now, so we'll probably push them out until after we finish the unit. I'd like to do them before we leave Arkansas... but with a pending move, it is possible that we might have to just nix them and find some other field trip to replace them later. We have about 35 days of school left, which is going to put us finishing in early July or maybe by the end of June if we don't get interrupted with a move. If the move comes soon, we will take a month off and then catch back up in Texas in the later part of the summer. Either way, hopefully we will have August off before next year begins.

I'm going to try and clean out my "To Blog" folder this week and get all the great links to you guys that have been clogged up in there. That ought to give me time to finish reading, grading and doing school so I can get some more interesting material in here. Until then, thanks for stopping in and I pray that your week is super. May the Lord shine His face upon you.

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Unknown said...

a "To Blog" folfer... blogger fodder? cool idea.

I like the shirt! and small talk blogs are great. I wish I could have sat in on the creation talk!

You have been linked to in my latest post.....

Anonymous said...

Enjoyng your blog!

Sprittibee said...

Kaber: I could forward you Kevin's notes for the class if you really wanted them. I'm sure he has them on his computer. The shirt is really groovy. :) I love it. It is one of those paper-thin soft ones that you have to wear a tank under. It is a little too long, but that is forgivable. I like the tank tops to stick out on bottom, and this shirt keeps trying to compete for length. Thanks for your link!

Keri - You are so sweet. Thanks for letting me know. I always feel like a looser when I just shoot the breeze instead of posting something "useful". ;)

Alexandra said...

I would love to grow my hair that long, but I have very thin hair, and it gets very stringy when it is long.

I bet you'll feel a lot cooler, and you can always grow it back. Hair always grows faster in the summer anyway. I think it looks great!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

There used to be a company called Bee Wear that made really cute stuff. I had the sweetest lavender shirt from them. Mine didn't have a bee on it, but I thought the name was really cute. I do love your shirt and it made me think of them.

I'm with you on the hair up in the summer. I can't stand it down. And yes, mine has been long enough twice now to be in the way in a big way. Mine too long now, but I'm thinking about chopping it short. It also grows out extremely fast, so it's not such a big deal. The first time I cut my hair off, I donated 19-21" to Locks of Love. That was fun!

I enjoyed the small talk. I think that's perfectly fine blogging material.

I'll be continuing to pray for Kevin's job situation and Texas.

Dianne :D

Amelia Antwiler said...

I am majorly behind in reading/commenting...heck, I'm just majorly behind....

I wanted you to know that:
a) I like the shirt
b)like the new do...
c) small talk in blogs is perfectly acceptable.

And I say all those things LIke you really desired my opinion. But there you have them.



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