April 27, 2007

Encouragement for Homeschooling...

I have had a few great homeschool articles in my in-box for a while now, waiting for a moment when I was too busy to post anything else. We are doing school right now and have a party to go to later today, so I'll be scarce until late evening. I figured I would leave you guys some great reading while I'm away. Be sure to set aside a few moments because these articles are superb!

Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom
Foundations: Training our Daughters for Life
Raising Small Souls - (click the purple button and watch the movie)
10 Mistakes Made by Homeschooling Mamas

And here's an article that will encourage you to know you made the right choice in homeschooling:

School Hid Rapes of Four 1st-Graders

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Erin said...


That last article is flat out INFURIATING!! For a school system to DENY and COVER UP their lack of protection of their students, and THEN to claim that THAT'S NOT THEIR JOB?!?!

Humph! (fuming)
Garrumph! (seeing red)
(howling, knuckle cracking, taking names... breathing deeply... going outside for a walk... thinking happy thoughts)


Stories like this make it so clear that America needs to completely dismantle its educational system and start completely over. But who has the guts and the patience to do it? No one. At least, not enough people with the influence to make it happen.

Reason # 8,934 that I homeschool.

(I wonder how many of the victims in that story have continued on in the Allentown public schools.)

Fifi said...

Shocking! Man can be so cruel!!! What would alot of us be, if we had not met Jesus our saviour!!!!

I enjoyed the 10 mistakes...... GREAT reminder!
Love to you.

Summer said...

That last article is beyond disturbing. I just can't imagine what kind of an adult could activly hide something like that happening to a child and then claim that it was not their job toprotect the child. Isn't it every adult's job to protect ALL children. Just disgusting.

Delete said...

Great articles! Thank you for the links!



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