April 07, 2007

The Gatorade Puke Monster Loves Me

Sorry for my lack of "being around" today. I know that today was the grand finale for nominating for the Homeschool Blog Awards... but I have a little boy (one who looks just like me) that needed a drive down to the ER this afternoon. He hasn't been that sick since he was three and spent his birthday (and three other consecutive days) in the hospital dehydrated with the rotavirus. After seeing how bad he got that time, I don't play around with bad stomach illnesses. He gets his low 'puke' tolerance from his mama... and my mama before me. We tend to be '3-strikes-and-your-out' pukers. It doesn't take long to dry out in my family line.

Nothing could cheer the boy up: The Star Wars books, the general doting and affection by all the sweet nurses, nor the fact that he got away with only a half-day of school today. That IV really freaked him out. We are all just glad it is over. The nurses were laughing at him for being such a 'sissy'. Ha!

He's such a sweet kid. He has such a big heart. He thanked me over and over for taking care of him. He said he was sorry for 'causing me so much trouble' (I would have gotten sick for him if I could have)! He told his sister not to look when they stuck the needle in. He was trying to protect her innocence and keep her from the 'sight of blood'.

She promptly hid in a corner, crying for him.

I got such a kick out of watching them try to comfort each other and how she became such a little nurse-maid. She fixed him gatorade, read to him, got him a straw, and waited on him hand-and-foot. Amazing that they are the same two kids that argued this morning and couldn't sit at the table together without tattling! Sometimes our biggest lessons are learned through hardships. I'm sorry that he got sick... but I wouldn't trade all the lessons we learned together tonight. God is truly in the details (even if they are nitty-gritty ones). I also wouldn't trade the smile and the look in my son's eyes when he said goodnight to me after we said our prayers before bed at midnight.

"I love you, Mommy." He almost cried when he said it. That is the stuff that life is about right there, folks. He knows I love him... even when times are not easy or fun. I wouldn't trade a single day as a mom... not even the sick ones.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, the Gs are so sorry to hear he was sick ! Tell him OG and IG , and FG ( ... OK, all of us ) send him a BIG hug and kisses to feel better.

Reading your post was like being there, I could almost see them ! :-)

Happy Easter !


Anonymous said...

Your children are so precious. My children are just like that, and just reading your story made we well up with tears! When I see my children loving on each other and really being best friends I get this overwheming feeling of contentment. God has truly blessed us! *us, as in my family and yours*

Loved checking out your blog.


Anonymous said...

poor baby! I hope your precious boy gets better soon. Your post was so sweet!

Alexandra said...

Ohhh, I hope he feels better soon. The stomach flu is the pits! It's made the rounds here as well.

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks RG. Happy Easter to your flock as well. Wish we could be there to celebrate it with you. XOXO

Diane - UR so SWEET. Thanks for the nice words. Please do come back.

Thanks @homemom. I like your screen name. ;)

Thanks Alexandra. I am so glad that my daughter and I didn't get it. Hopefully we are all "out of harm's way". ;)

Happy Easter, all!



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