April 23, 2007

Lazy Day

We didn't do very much planned school today... I guess you would classify today as "unschooling". We stayed in our pajamas and goofed off worked on individual projects. The kids took turns reading "Ghost Liners" out loud and narrating the story back to me about the many sunken ships and their passenger stories. They colored some in their Dover Shipwrecks and Sunken Treasures coloring book also. Morgan sent me some Dayspring E-Cards from her computer in her room when she went in there to check her email. She sent me an early Mother's Day card and made me cry. I'm such a sap.

I've been working on the carnival all day and it ended up being a learning experience for us all. We did research on bees in our numerous insect books, read online sites about French history, looked up recipes with honey, and the kids helped me make dinner (they made the salad and did the dishes). I made Honey Rosemary Chicken (one of our quick favorites). I'll finish up the carnival later tonight and be sure to get it up after midnight tonight!

Be prepared to sit and read tomorrow when you stop back by. Be sure to make yourself a cup of tea with honey and enjoy the lesson! I'm glad I worked on this project yesterday and today instead of turning it in to an all-night escapade like I did the past two times I have hosted the carnival. A special thanks to those who had their posts in early! It really helped to pull it all together and give me ideas. Thanks to all who participated!

In Him,

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Unknown said...

sounds nice! we need a fun school day. Maybe tomorrow...

I'll be back to read the carnival tomorrow

justjuls said...

Just wanted to point out - that unschoolers are not lazy! I know you didn't put it that way intentionally - but you started your post entitled "Lazy Day" by categorizing it as unschooling.
We are non-traditional unschoolers - and I think that way too many homeschoolers think that people unschool because they are lazy or don't want to do anything. Just wanted to let point out that it may be feeding a misconception that is hurtful.
I am sure you didn't mean it that way.

MommyLydia said...

I love the bee writing the word Heather!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Kaber. :) Seems everyone is wanting to just enjoy Spring lately. Great idea if you ask me.

JewlsinTexas: Hey there. I never once figured that Lazy Day and unschooling would mingle to create a stir in that post. Lazy day was mainly more about the attitude we had yesterday. Everything was self-guided (no direction from Mom) and although we did get a few things done, two of us stayed in our pajamas all day and lacked in personal hygene. ;) I hope I didn't hurt anyone else's feelings. I certainly didn't mean to. Yesterday was a lazy day by my school standards mainly because a lot of my brain is wired to think "inside the box" like public school mentality. I tend to feel like a flop if my "list" doesn't get checked off. Only a few of our activities yesterday were "on the list", so when I say lazy, I really mean that I feel guilty because I didn't do what I hoped to get done. I'm learning as I go through this homeschool journey that sometimes doing things that AREN'T on the list is just as important as the ones that are. So be patient with me... I'm still a student, too... a life-time learner (which is one of the things unschoolers claim as a tenent of their movement!).

MBR - Thanks for the comment! I love that bee, too.

justjuls said...

I knew you didn't mean anything by it just wanted to make sure. I have a friend who has an unschooling family - and one of the things she always got from more traditional "school at homers" is that she was lazy. It is a stereotype I think unschoolers would like to break that they "do nothing" with their kids all day.

Oh - and the buzzing sound on your blog is super fun!



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