May 23, 2007


Well, yesterday was our first day of Patience: Bread, Grain and Yeast. You already saw what our schedule was supposed to be (via looking at my planner calendar page from yesterday's post). However... I ended up not getting to everything on the list. Here's why:

I got up early and we got our chores done... CHECK
The house was clean and I had my menu planner done... CHECK
We had eaten breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen... CHECK
Kids had some free time with Daddy before he had to leave after lunch... CHECK

Then Morgan's ailments began. Seems I have a little hypochondriac on my hands. Her fall on the bicycle Sunday suddenly flared up into a "sprained neck", "broken leg" and "burning elbow". Granted, she really did have a nasty fall and her leg has been bothering her anyway since she landed on her ankle wrong a while back (and then she hurt the same foot on the bike fall). Her main issue was the stinging scrape on her elbow and her neck yesterday, though. She told me she was "falling apart". So what does a good mom do when her baby is whining and crying? If you answered - "cave in", you are right in this case. I don't always do it, but it was obvious that whatever the reason for the tears yesterday, they were real. I patched her neck up with one of those adhesive Bengay strips, laid her on the bed with a heating pad under her neck, and gave her time to take a nap to escape the pain.

There went the first half of the school day. So much for the big plans.

After she woke up, we managed to get some of our work done. They worked pretty hard to stay on track. I kept getting interrupted by phone calls (which were much welcomed interruptions because of who was calling!). Kev called to say that he was scheduled to test for a job in Texas next week. I also had a couple of calls from buddies in Texas and my lovely mama paid me a call as well. Another welcome interruption to planned lessons was the discovery of one of our missing baby robins in the tree outside. We got to see him fly and watch his parent birdie feed him. How sweet!

So here below is what got done of my plans for day 1 of "Bread, Grain and Yeast":


I guess we will double up on KONOS fun today and skip some book work. I'm hoping school might be interrupted by a move in a few weeks as well... so if you want someone to pray for in your spare time, add us to your list! "Bread, Grain and Yeast" may be our last school unit until August if this job thing works out.

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Anonymous said...

I know about those!
My friends and family know that we do school up till noon, so they don't interupt! I HAVE to have a schedule because I get distracted so very easily. It's a challenge, that's for sure!

Sprittibee said...

Mee too, Keri. ;)



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