May 19, 2007

Last 6 Weeks of School Schedule... [and small-talk]

Today is our last day of Ships and Floating and we are hoping to start Bread, Grain and Yeast next week (KONOS Unit Studies). I'll be gearing up for some fun in the kitchen with the kids. This time, I have a buddy or two who are going to "email" co-op with me and even a little in person. We are behind on our planned units for the year, so we gathered some support (accountability) and are going to cruise through the next six weeks and finish school at the end of June. I have been having fun planning out the next four units and tweaking my next-year's schedule. I enjoy the "planning" part of the coming school year. Now if I could only make myself sit and finish grading and getting report cards done. It is hard when it is sunny and 72 degrees outside!!! Maybe I'll bum some money from my mom and take the kids on a field trip tomorrow. It seems sinful to waste time indoors in this weather. I feel pity on them when they work at the table to finish their book-work and I catch them glancing out the windows. Poor things! A few of my friends quit school in March and take their summer break during gardening season (Spring)... so that they can make the best use of the loveliest weather of the year. They start their school back up in mid-July to make it possible to get it all done.

Here's the schedule if we aren't forced to move in the middle of it:

Week 1: May 21-26 (Bread and Grain)

Week 2: May 28-June 2 (Bread and Grain)

Week 3: June 4-9 (Illusion/Deception)

Week 4: June 11-16 (Flight/Airplanes)

Week 5: June 18-23 (Flight/Airplanes)

Week 6: June 25-30 (Plants & Gardening)…. Carried over into the first weeks of July without any other curriculum – just for fun.

There's still no word on a transfer for my husband, so we don't know when or where we will be in Texas... but we are trusting that God is working all the details out.

Now you know what I'm up to. I probably will skip out tomorrow unless I just can't stay away. I'm finally going to face down that stack of papers needing to be graded! Hope you have a great weekend. I'll see you in here Monday with updates from our first day of "Bread, Grain & Yeast".

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MommyLydia said...

I haven't heard anything about a job either. But more and more it looks like we are going to start out in austin.

I am hoping you end up in Eastern Texas somewhere. Then we can maybe get together and go on field trips together sometimes with my sister and her three kids (4-8)

Gwendolyn said...

I am hoping for San Antonio. I just know we'd hit it off. I can't imagine living anywhere but here. I understand why you pine so much. :)

Sprittibee said...

This one fell through the cracks. Sorry guys. Here's my replies:

MBR: I love Austin, but we really don't know where we will end up. Could be Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Austin or smaller places in-between. Just because I have preferences doesn't mean God will open that door... although I'm praying He will!

heartsdesire: Well, if I end up there, I know how to contact! ;) And if I am anywhere close, we'll have to have a bloggers day out and meet up, eh?! ;) I think the San Antonio area is pretty (love the river walk) and New Braunfels is gorgeous. I have friends that used to go to my church in Houston that live there now. I also know another KONOS mom who lives near there that my daughter is pen-pals with!



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