May 02, 2007

Links of Late

I promised you that I would clean out my "To Blog" folder. I've been saving all the neat links that everyone has emailed me from my homeschool lists (and some are from friends). I have also updated my 'Homeschool Links' sidebar on the right with many of these. I hope you will stop and browse my sidebars - there are excellent resources there. The homeschool links we use the most are in bold. My next project is to update my 'Favorites List' over there. It is sadly out of date. I think the last favorite I added was near Christmas last!


Spelling Time ~ This site is awesome! We are using it and loving it. Warning - There's MUSIC.

Natural Egg Dyes ~You could say this is REALLY early for next Easter, or late for this one. Sorry!

Book Adventure ~ Looks interesting. They say you can pick from over 7,000 books. I have not checked to see WHAT books they list, however. Beware of twaddle.

Stocking up on Forever Stamps? ~ Sound financial advice for those of you who want to save some money.

Global Warming ~ What you won't hear in the mainstream media.

German Homeschooling ~ Want to help your brothers and sisters? Here's how.

Geography Games ~ Fun games, nice site. The main page also has animals.

Geography Bee ~ National Geographic also has a daily quiz with fairly hard questions.

Pete's Power Point Station ~ Free downloadable Power Point lessons on most any subject! Check out their history section (minus the 'millions of years' garbage)!

Silly IQ Test ~ My father-in-law sent me this one and it is really cute. Especially if you haven't taken it before. I don't think there are any bad words, but you might check just to be safe before you let your kids take the quiz. Put your thinking caps on!!!

Free Downloadable Graph and Line Paper ~ No explanation necessary.

The Jamestown Quadricentennial ~ Don't miss out this June! Plan a road trip!

Creative Park ~ Links to fun paper printing projects you can create with your photos.

Family Watchdog ~ I think I've listed this at one time before... but here it is again. Just a site that checks local sex offender databases and tells you if there are any of them living in your area.

PDF Calendars ~ Make your own printable PDF calendars online.

Netflix ~ Only the coolest movie rental mailer available. Of course, if you haven't signed up with them, please do so here in my sidebar! NOW THEY HAVE VIEW ONLINE options (free)! I watched Sergeant York the other night on my PC! Go click my Netflix Button on the right and sign up!

Mother's Click ~ Another group mom site (such as Maya's Mom) where you can join groups of similar interest and keep up with online moms.

Westward HO! ~ Another late one. Sorry! Check it out next year around January 1st. Sign up and join the virtual wagon trail as they head west.

Professor Noggin's Card Games ~ Wow these look awesome. Can't wait to check them out at the next book fair I attend. Better yet, maybe I'll order some.

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MommyLydia said...

I wouldn't call "Stocking up on Forever Stamps" sound financial advice. First, the information in the article is false. The first Forever stamp came out at 41 cents this year -- even before the rate hike. I expect that the Forever stamp rate will go up in the future as soon as rate hikes are announced, not stay at 41 cents when the public knows starting X date that the price to mail a letter will be 43 cents.

People CAN stock up on Forever stamps right now -- in fact I am thinking the post office hopes that they DO. After all, one reason they release so many DIFFERENT stamps every year is all those stamp collectors that buy them just for collecting and never use them. Every stamp they can encourage someone to buy and not use becomes money in the USPS's pocket. the USPS gets the money NOW to use, and a good possibility that before the person who buys to hoard the Forever stamps gets around to using (or reselling) the stamp, they will either lose or ruin the stamps they have. AND the person who spends that money on the stamps can not use the money for anything else (or put it into a interest-bearing account) while it is invested in these stamps.

I think that the commenter is right who says these may end up being a better deal for a small business owner than for individuals, just in the not having to keep track of what the rate is on stamps. Even if I am paying 41 cents now for 39 cents mail, I figure the 2 cents extra is not that big a deal considering the waste in time and energy to try to guess exactly how many 39 cents stamps I will need between now and the rate increase -- and then buy the 2 cent stamps at that time and take time to peel 2 stamps off for each piece of mail.

Rhonda said...

We've been using Spelling Time for awhile now, but it recently started crashing on Robert. It always happened just when he finished and got to the games. Very frustrating! That never happened for Ruth, though.

I love the Westward HO! site. We'll be studying the Oregon Trail next year, so that will be perfect! Also like the look of the Professor Noggin card games. I think I'll get the Outer Space ones, as we are finishing up our Astronomy study.

Thanks for all the great links!

Sprittibee said...

MBR - Thanks for the great advice.

Rhonda - Yes, we just started with Spelling Time and they think it is really easy right now. I'm wondering when it will get more challenging. They like to get the games and play them. The battleship one is really groovy. Since we are doing ships right now, I haven't minded that one as much. :) That was actually one of the things on our list of KONOS fun activities and Spelling Time helped us get it done without me even assigning it! Ha.

:) You are welcome for the links.



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