June 08, 2007

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary To Sprittibee


Happy blogiversary to me! Happy blogiversary to me! Happy blogiversary to Sprittibee. Happy blogiversary to me! And many more. On channel 4...

Last year on June 8th, I unveiled the new "skin" for my blog here at Blogger. Oh, and I instantly became an expert in blog design (of course) - minus the skill to do it myself. This year the 'expert' wasn't so "on the ball". There's nothing new here today other than this post and the color of my sidebar. That is about the extent of my html skills. However... I have requested the help of a talented web designer to redesign my beautiful blog here. Not that it really NEEDS redesigning. I am very partial to my design as it is... but I figure you guys are sick of the same old thing - am I right? So I'll put this lovely little Natalie Jost template on a hanger in the design closet and see what Miss Susie of Bluebird Blogs can cook up for me.
Does anyone have a suggestion or idea? Brownie points if I use it! I have already inundated poor Susie with my brain dribble and countless idea-generating blog sites, artwork, and color schemes. Problem is, I just can't make my mind up about anything. So you aren't getting a peep show today... but if I can come up with a final game plan for Susie this weekend, you might be surprised when you stop in next week. We'll see how much screen-time my eyes can handle in the next few days. I hope you'll enjoy my belated blogiversary present when Susie and I finally get it up and running.

I'm thinking of taking a few days off from blogging to help Susie iron out a design, finish my last week of homeschool, and continue praying for my husband's promotion to happen soon. In the mean time, have a browse through my past posts here at Sprittibee. I'll spare you the "best of" list and let you make your own mind up. Knock yourself out in the archives and hop over to Gathering Manna for some great recipes while I'm away. I'll see you back here soon!

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Amy said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!!!!

TheNormalMiddle said...

susie has designed all 3 of my blogs and I love her work!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Amy!

:) Neat Lindsey. Good to know another satisfied customer. She also did my February Valentine header this year, but that only stayed up for a month. I loved it. ;)

MommyLydia said...

I like your blog just the way it is.
change is not always good. it's often a risk.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Congrats!! :D I'm a bit envious - I absolutely LOVE Susie's work. In fact, I've found a number of blogs I enjoy by perusing her portfolio. I've been impressed with everything I've seen her do. I'm awaiting the day I have the chance to utilize her gifting to get a facelift for bunny trails.

Sprittibee said...

MBR - I do, too. Yet something about blogiversarys always makes me want to change. Last year I had nothing to loose (just getting rid of that old blogger template). This year, the pressure is on... and I'm scared to change... but somehow I think it will be a good thing.

Bunny Trails - ;) Get yourself a "savings" jar and save up for a design for yourself! :) I can just see it now - little bunny foo-foo hopping through the forest! I love your blog name. If I hadn't picked my husband's old nickname for me, I would have picked your blog name!

Elena LaVictoire said...

Happy blogiversary and many more!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Elena. :) I almost named Morgan Helena. :)

Kelly Curtis said...

Happy Blogiversary! Susie is marvelous, isn't she??

Sprittibee said...

Hi Kel! Yes, Susie is great... however she's really hard to get ahold of! Everyone must love her as much as I do!



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