July 01, 2007

When Bloggers Meet


Strange things happen when bloggers meet. I found that out the day before we moved out of our apartment in Arkansas. Beverly met up with me to wish me well before I left for Texas and our little girls were two bees in a hive! Little did Bev know, her daughter was wearing my favorite shirt. However, the one I had is a bit too snug now, so I handed it down to Morgan. When they got to our house, Morgan changed in to her bee shirt and both of them wore them all day as we drove in to Little Rock to ride the trolley and eat at the River Market. The two were so cute in their matching bee shirts that they generated quite a lot of friendly conversation with passersby.

Morgan enjoys writing Bev's little girl and the two will always have this happy memory to look back on. I hope to get back up that way as much as time and money permits. We miss our friends there already, and we've only been in Texas for a week. There were many things we didn't get to do in our 2 years there. A few travel destinations on my "To-See-Someday" list are: Eureka Springs, The Passion Play, Silver Dollar City, Branson, and Crater of Diamonds State Park.

My first experience with meeting another blogger went rather well. I do know three other bloggers personally, too (but we didn't meet after I knew they started blogging, so I don't count them as "meeting a blogger"). I have to admit that Beverly and I actually knew each other long before I began blogging, though (but had never met in person). Come to think of it, I have met three of my good friends through online contact. Not all internet meetings go awry. However, you should always be extremely cautious before trying to meet someone in person that you have only talked with online!

Bev and I were introduced via the internet through an online pregnancy board back when we were both pregnant with the two little girlies in the photo above. One year, she sent us a can full of home-made chocolate chip cookies, a stuffed lion, and a cool Tonka bulldozer for Christmas. I knew she was a wonderful person long before our last week in Arkansas. It was such a joy to finally meet her in person. I think great minds really must think alike... she's a blogger, a Christian, a homeschooler, and THAT SHIRT is AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

That pic of our girls is so cute! It was downright uncanny the way those two hit it off and how much alike they were. "Two bees in a hive" is right! I really, really wish we would have gotten together sooner.

Thanks for a great day and an awesome memory for me and my kids! :)


Anonymous said...

OH so glad to read about your meeting.. It would be lovely to meet you and maybe we will... someday! LOL We've met a few HSB bloggers... Paul & Gena Saurez just left our house yesterday.. that was fun. I have a favourite shirt that I love to wear too... it has holes all over it!


Sherry said...

Oh, my! I can't believe what a difference a week can make! I was in charge of crafts for my church's VBS last week, so I wasn't keeping up with the blogosphere. And you got back on Texas soil (or mud, as the case may be) and I didn't even know it!

It's certainly nice that you're here, but I am so sorry for all the trauma you'be been through, bless your hearts. What great news that your DH got the job, and hopefully you'll have your house soon.

I'll try to keep up better now that VBS is over. ;-)

Amico Dio said...

How sweet!



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