September 21, 2007

Field Trip Foto Friday: Burns Park, Bike and Picnic


There's probably not a homeschooler alive who doesn't often frequent some sort of park. After a day or so of busy school, we start to feel a little 'cabin fever'. This was especially true for me in Arkansas where we were in a tiny two-bedroom apartment. The great thing was, we had a small park behind our apartments and a church within walking distance that shared their playground and park area with the public as well. The North Little Rock/Little Rock areas are full of great parks. In fact, the natural beauty of Arkansas makes the entire state such a great place for park locations. We really enjoyed our stay and got to visit so many great parks while we were there.


These particular photos were taken at Burns Park (also a place where you can camp, ride horses, fish, hike, ride rides, etc.). My kids had a favorite spot they enjoyed biking at. These photos are from the year my kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade in 2005-6. We had a nice picnic that day with Daddy and enjoyed the park to ourselves in off-hours during the week. At the time, my husband was working weekends and getting weekdays off. It made for a lot of fun field trips with Daddy, but it was a difficult schedule for him and for homeschooling in general. We're glad to be back on a regular weekday schedule.


Next up will be Six Flags Homeschool Day. In a few weeks we'll be through with our 2005-6 field trips and I'll begin posting the links for our entire year of 2006-7! In the mean time, enjoy browsing through all of our past field trips, book lists, curriculum choices, software picks, favorite KONOS units and memories at my Homeschool Series link below (organized by school-year). Get out and enjoy the nearest park, too! You'll be glad you did. Health experts say that vitamin D decreases your risk of cancer and we all know that exercise is good for you.

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I found your site.. but i've been pouring over it for the past 30 minutes.
my name is Valerie. I'm 26 and live in NYC. I was homeschooled with my 2 brothers in Maine by my amazing parents. Looking at your pictures and reading about your daily routine is bringing me back to all those wonderful(and not so wonderful) days. I love the fact that you and your husband seem pretty hip and fun.
My parents are so awesome, open minded, and did not shelter us at all. It bothers me when people put a terrible branding on homeschooling families. Not all homeschooling moms wear long skirts and their hair in a bun! I do not resent my parents at all for their choice to homeschool us. My mother is my best friend and I will not settle for a man who is anything less than my dad.

Have a great weekend!


Amico Dio said...

Wow that looks like so much fun. We frequently go to parks too. It gives us that much needed time to exercise and get outdoors.

Your kids are soooo cute! I hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

:) awww shucks.

Charity said...

Your kids are so cute!

I tagged you with a kitchen meme.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Charity. :)

groovyoldlady said...

Three cheers for field trips (and for the fact that we can count them as a schoolday)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have field trips every Friday??? I left Fridays open for art and field trips. We've done the zoo, the beach... where to go now?

Sprittibee said...

groovyoldlady - :) I heart field trips!

Christina - No, I don't go on field trips every Friday. :) I would be broke. Wait - I am broke. Well, then I would be living under a bridge. Ha! Check through my lists of places we have gone at my homeschool series - or maybe find a book about daytripping in your area. I know of a book for Houston, Dallas and Austin - "What to Do in..." series. There are so many things to do. Our curriculum also suggests field trips. Some that we haven't gone on that were suggested are: the dump, a watch/clock store, to watch fencing lessons, a stable, to watch a jeweler use a lapidary saw, etc. Parks in your area and nature centers are also great - and usually free. :)

Sorry for the late response, guys!



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