September 15, 2007

Field Trip Foto Friday: The Old Mill


Time for another Field Trip Foto Friday (although this one is a day late). I typed it on Friday (in case you are grading me)... but I needed to get yesterday's post up, too. I'm actually on retreat this weekend ~ so I wanted to be prepared to just click and post while I was away. I guess I don't get points for taking my computer on retreat... that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I won't surf the net more than 20 minutes a day. I promise.


Today's field trip review (from the year my kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade ~ 2005-6) is from The Old Mill in North Little Rock, AR. In case you didn't know, Arkansas actually has twin cities as a capital. Little Rock gets to take all the fame and glory, but North Little Rock is just on the other side of the river that runs between their down-town areas and they share a really awesome trolley ride that takes you on a loop around both. I found it amusing that both the folks who lived in Little Rock thought Little Rock was best, and the folks who lived in North Little Rock thought North Little Rock was the best. Of course, the folks in West Little Rock took the snob cake, though! They REALLY liked their side of town. I have to admit that it sure was pretty over there near Pinnacle Mountain (which was on the West side of Little Rock).


We actually lived in North Little Rock and liked it there... but we liked West Little Rock, Little Rock and all the surrounding cities we visited, too. Arkansas really is a pretty state... and The Old Mill park is just a perfect example of Southern charm and the natural beauty of this great land we all share.


The Old Mill, a water-powered grist mill built in the 1930's (but fashioned to look as if it was built in the 1880's), is a great place to take photos. Part of the mill's ground floor may be an original mill, but the websites give conflicting information regarding its mysterious history. The park's claim to fame is that it was featured in the movie "Gone With the Wind".


The spring flowers that bloom there are spectacular. The peaceful waters reflect the sky overhead and make you want to spread out a picnic blanket and gaze for a while. If you manage to go there in off-hours and get the place somewhat to yourself, it is such a wonderful spot to read or talk with friends. However, it is a favorite area for locals to do wedding and senior photo shoots, so be prepared for a crowd if you go on a weekend. It seems that every time we went - and in every season of the year - we were not alone.


The bridges and trails have the most interesting concrete structures that were fashioned to resemble old, intertwined wooden vines looping over the water. Even the concrete bridges are cast to look as if they are petrified wood and fence railing that you might have expected to see a few centuries ago. The kids loved to making the circular track from one side of the park to the other using the bridges and trails. We took our "mushroom" picture at this park for a blog post that I wrote a year ago. There are plenty of little toadstools around the park and benches for those who want to sit and take in the picture-perfect view.


If you are in the Little Rock/North Little Rock area and are looking for a soothing park day (and free field trip for your kids), this park is the perfect choice. Be sure to bring your camera, though... there's plenty to photograph at the Old Mill.

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Terri said...

That looks like so much fun!

I hope you are doing ok, personally. I am praying for you!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks so much for the prayers. This weekend at the retreat I was totally re-charged. It was good to cry and get the emotions out. Another girl there had also had a miscarriage just recently (hers was at 20 weeks and she actually got to hold the baby in her hand). That was rather emotional meeting her and talking with her about our losses. God always works things out - and it was such an amazing weekend. Your prayers are treasured. Thanks so much!



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