September 01, 2007

How To Know You're a Blogger

1. You wake up and have a full post in your head about the things you did in your dream-person's life while you were sleeping.

No. I am not kidding. I had a full post in my mind when I woke up (and was editing it while asleep!), only to realize that it was for something I did in my dream that wasn't even REAL. Not real, people!

Blogging is a sickness. I think I need help. Anyone want to start a chapter of Bloggers Anonymous?

Want to add to this list? Do you have a #2 or #3 reason of how to know you are a blogger? Leave a link in my comments! I would love to read it. Maybe then I would know that I'm not the only sick puppy out here.

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TexasFred said...

Blogging is a sickness. I think I need help. Anyone want to start a chapter of Bloggers Anonymous?
Can we make a Blog about it??

Fatcat said...

You know you're a blogger when:
One of your kids says something clever and funny and your other kids look at him and say "You're getting blogged!"

MommyLydia said...

*wry* I've done that. (And even been tempted to blog about it after I realize it is not true just because I'm such a dilletante blogger)

Brenda said...

OK, I've caught myself composing and editing posts in my sleep BUT they were about actual events in my life!!!

Don't feel badly, a friend confessed she caught herself praying for a person who was in a difficult situation and then realized it was a TELEVISION CHARACTER!!!! :)

Sorry, I don't have anything else for your list.

Anonymous said...

Doug Johnson, who has a great education blog, blogged about bloggers anonymous. In case you haven't taken the addiction quiz, he has a link to it on his blog at I was 71% addicted to blogging, according to the fun quiz.

Disney for Boys said...

You know your a blogger when you become picture happy and take a camera with you every where you go!

I love a blog in pictures and get a bit picture happy, I even took pics of my date with hubby Friday night LOL I will post those tomorrow! LOL

What a funny post, let me know when you set up the site for "BA"

20/20 just did a show on "Soft Addictions" Im afraid this is mine, Blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

You know you're a blogger when your family now comes up with ideas about what you should blog about!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

How about when the funny stories or interesting tidbits you have to share with your friends and family came from someone's blog? Even worse, you don't even know whose blog it was or how you got there! I'm starting to worry my friends & family will think I have no actual life! LOL!

I'm afraid to take the quiz!! :D

Elaine said...

You know that you're addicted to blogging when your blogroll is longer that your address book. LOL

I used to be addicted to a certain homeschool forum, since closed down, and now it's blogs that get my attention.



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