September 08, 2007

KONOS Yearly Planner PDF and a Personality Profile


 I made this file for myself so that I could type out my annual KONOS plans in a little more detail than I have it on my blog. I thought I would share the love with all of you unit study moms out there. I hope that if you use it, you will leave me a donation in the tip jar. As with all of the great tools for homeschooling, someone put a lot of effort and personal time in to creating them. I also am available to help make detailed forms for anyone who wants something special (for a reasonable fee).

This form is an overview of the unit study topics you will cover per week for the entire school year. It begins in August and ends in July of 2007. I'm filling mine out and putting it in my homeschool binder today (I color coded my vacation and holidays and typed in my units on the one I use... see the photo for details - if you have a magnifying glass handy!).

Another great link I would like to offer (in case some of you are as slow as I am and haven't seen it already) is a "Mothering Style" online quiz that you can take to identify your personality type. At a recent co-op meeting I attended, our gracious hostess took the time to give us this quiz and share some insights from the book it came from. The quiz is a small version of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. The book's promoters claims that knowing your 'Mothering Style' can help you find out what makes you tick... how to improve your relationship with your husband and children... how you can recharge your energy through the day, and what types of activities to avoid if you are stressed out.

I am using this day to get up to date on my planning and organizing for school (which fits my type of 'Mothering Style' and energizes me according to the quiz). I'm sure that if I get my ducks in a row before tomorrow and get ready for Monday, our week will be off to a much smoother start. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

:) Sounds like you are a list-junkie, too?



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