October 21, 2007

Culture Fair Weekend


We had a blast at our culture fair this weekend. Here's a cute shot from the fun. I'm totally wiped out, though... so I'm sorry for not blogging, but life is just a little hectic when you are doing a major school project. Plus, we had my sister in town this weekend (who was a huge help), and we had church and small group today (Sundays are always busy).

Since last Thursday we have made our displays (including matting art and school work for show and painting some background illustrations), got our costumes finished, practiced our reports, bought some last minute items for our table, gathered some things from home for show-and-tell, and mom spent from 6am Saturday to 9am cooking! I made 'Tempura', 'Edamame', 'Sticky Rice', and 'Miso Soup'. I was so proud of the kiddos for their performance. My reluctant participant (Kaden) was the hardest one to get to sit down and stop talking! They said they were nervous, but you couldn't even tell. It was so fun to listen to all the kids' reports and learn about so many other countries. I also enjoyed eating everyone's interesting foods. I think our co-op leader is going to make us a recipe book soon with all the great dishes we were served.

Tomorrow is a TEACHER OUT OF SERVICE DAY around my house. I'm going to clean house, take library books back, and read with the kids... and maybe nap... and read my Bible... and stare at the ceiling some. I'm looking forward to it!

Have a super Monday! Hope to have the energy to blog again soon!

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Anonymous said...

The fair sounds like it was a lot of fun! The pic is great, very cute.

Anonymous said...

They look SO great! I am sorry we missed (again) this year. Last football game. Choices.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies! :) I am still a bit winded from the weekend, but we are enjoying a quiet rainy day cleaning house together at home today. I'm trying to keep the pressure limited to paying bills and returning library books. :) We are all still in our pajamas... and will be until after lunch!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pic. And OH MY GOSH, you were right when you said that is an identical headband. Weird!



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