October 07, 2007

Nasty Sinus Infection

Even bees get a bug now and then. I'm sure you noticed by now that I'm taking the weekend off from blogging. I didn't want to sneeze my snot on everyone at church today, either. So I'm home and reading some computer software manuals, planning my school lesson plans for next week... and I'm making a list of all the stuff I'm selling to try and keep our account out of the red for the next two weeks or so. Too bad blogging doesn't pay the bills. We're working on our budget (painful process). Pray for me!

Hope you are having a great weekend. Hopefully I'll be up to full speed Monday!

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Gayle said...

Just hearing that you're working on the budget made me have the urge to run to the bathroom. I would rather give birth with no epidural...to quadruplets AND be in labor for 2 days straight than work on the budget. So stressfull!

Hope your snot runs out soon!

Anonymous said...

A friendly FYI -- Whenever we feel a cold coming on / runny nose starting, we use "Zicam" - it comes in different forms but mainly you rub it in your nose with a Q-tip or the Q-tip provided depending on the type you buy. This works!! Your runny nose will be stopped almost instantly! That's how good it is. Use it about 3-4 times a day and it really works. It is the greatest thing ever!
What also is good is "Airborne" - we also use this when we start to not feel well - like run down, flu symptoms etc... It was created by a school teacher. What you do, is you drop a tablet in water - very little water so you won't have to drink much - the best flavor we like is the Pink Lemonade. The others are pretty gross! Let it dissolve completely and drink up.It is full of vitamins and is right up there with Zicam. But, I think for runny noses, Zicam works better than Airborne.
Just thought I'd share ... Get well soon! :)

Sprittibee said...

Gayle... that was too funny. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Anonymous... thanks for the tips. I was mostly too sedated on nyquil to follow them, though... :) I'm glad to be med-free today. Hopefully I can stay that way tonight. I seem to go into coughing fits at 3am.



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