November 16, 2007

Easy Gift Idea: Decorative Canned Cookies


We have a birthday party to attend this evening, and not a lot of cash lying around for presents. My daughter wanted to make something for her cousin, so we baked Honey Cookies last night and then made a decorative can to keep them in.

We have done this project before (back when this blog was only a month old), so if you haven't been through the archives, you'll enjoy seeing the photos from the original cookie can post. Can you spot any differences in our artwork? We happened to still have some of that great metallic multi-colored ribbon and even the same pair of jeans we cut for the fabric on the top. I'm sure our little birthday girl will love it!
This is a great gift idea for the holidays if you have a ton of family to bake for and not enough cash to buy them all presents. You could fill them with most anything small. We used a coffee can, but the original idea used toilet paper rolls... so I guess it all depends on how big your "stuffing" is.
Supplies Needed:
egg crate to mix paints in
white paper to cover can
construction paper
Mod Podge
black sharpie marker
coffee can
fabric for the lid cover

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Crystal Starr said...

This is such a great idea!!! I'm going to forward this to Emily so she can read it later!

Did Morgan start her blog yet? Feel free to e-mail me the link! =oD


Cookingfor5 said...

cute idea! I love to bake and recycling is always a good thing. I'll have to try this out for myself.

Anonymous said...

Oohhh, I know what category I should nominate you for... oh wait I already did. Wow, what an excellent idea! Can I put this in the carnival?

And did Morgan get a blog yet? I know you said she had wanted to.


Sherry said...

Very cute idea--and once the cookies are gone, the can can be used for other goodies or for stashing things. My youngest still asks for containers to put things in.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This post was featured in the 25th Homesteading Carnival!
Please stop by and spread the word!

Thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sprittibee said...

Hey Crystal! ;) No, Morgan hasn't been blogging much. We have just worked a little on her template. Haven't had time for anything else. We're trying hard to get our school semester finished so that we can be done for Christmas. I'm sure she'll start blogging after the holidays are over.

Cookingfor5 - Stop back in and leave me a link if you do the project. I'd love to see it! ;)

Sillydreamer - :) Thanks for the hat tip in the carnival. Yes, Morgan has a blog, but she hasn't posted on it yet. ;)

Sherry - Yeah, I love these cans. I hate giving them away! :) LOL



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