November 01, 2007

My Vision Forum Wish List

Kim told me about this contest (in the nick of time) today as we were hashing over the prizes that Vision Forum so generously is offering to the winners of the Homeschool Blog Awards. Once again this year they are offering a ton of prizes to our contest and each winner will get something of value from the VF.

Kim's contest, however, is ending tomorrow night. So if you haven't entered, you better hurry! She's giving away 250$ in prizes of your own choice. The only catch is that you are up against an ARMY (she has over 150 entries already) and you have to pick VF products out of their catalog ONLY. The product has to have the gold VF symbol beside it. Go see her blog (link under the title of this post) for more details.

I really love Vision Forum, so making a wish list that is UNDER $250 is really hard for me. That explains why this 'list' is broken up in parts... the part for Kim's contest... and the parts for later so I can keep a running tally of VF favorites in case we have a rich relative that suddenly dies and leaves us a fortune. So sad that you can't find these books hardly anywhere else (good luck at your local library). I have actually seen about 3 Henty books at a library in the years since we started reading meatier books for homeschool. They are hard to come by. I'm thankful for companies like Vision Forum who care enough about our history, heritage, and future generations to preserve the past and share the values and tales of those who have gone before us.

(which comes to 249$)

Financial Freedom Seminar (DVD set)
Thoughts for Young Men (book)
Raising Maidens of Virtue (book)
Beloved Bride: The Letters of Stonewall Jackson to His Wife (book)
Verses of Virtue (20)
Manly Friendships (audio)
Of Plymouth Plantation (hardback book)
Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America (book)
How to Draw God's Amazing Creation (4 book set)
Teach Them to Your Children (book)


G.A. Henty Library (hardback library)
Elsie Dinsmore Collection (hardback unabridged library)
Lamplighter Library (hardback library)
Regina's Colonial Dress for Morgan (costume)
Colonial Jacket and Breeches for my son (costume)
Plymouth Set ('A Godly Thanksgiving')
Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary (hardback)
Christ in the Camp (book)
The Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson (book)
Anti-Historical Revisionism Homeschool Kit (books and audio)
History of the World Mega Conference (DVDs)
Family Man, Family Leader
Women and Children First (hardback book)

And non-VF items I want...

Beautiful Girlhood Collection (books)
Tri-Cornered Colonial Hat (costume for Kaden)
Civil War Confederate Sword (costume for Kaden)
Answers in Genesis Creation Video Curriculum (DVDs)
Bible Guided Tour Books for the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (spiral bound books)
Grand Canyon: A Different View
The Anals of the World (hardback book)
The Geneva Bible (bound in Calfskin - 400th Anniversary Family Edition)
Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline (book)
Moody Science DVD Library (DVDs)
Grow a Frog Kit (science fun)
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution
Our Flag Was Still There (book)
Before You Meet Prince Charming (book)
Journey of Daughterhood Set (books)
How to Be a Lady (book)
Gary Cooper's Sergeant York (movie)
Young World Explorers Collection (hardback library)

... and come to think of it, if they are selling those colonial, black, silver-buckled shoes....

That pretty much sums up the whole catalog. "It's good to want things." I think that phrase is from 'Gilbert Grape'. It has stuck with me ever since I saw that movie. It was the only thing I remember from it for the most part because I never actually sat through the whole thing.

The great thing is... even if I never am able to afford all those books, I do have the one book that gives all of them their meaning - the Bible. I have quite a few copies of it, actually... the NIV, NAS, KJV, NKJ, The Message, and Amplified Version.

That will have to do until I get word from that dead rich relative's executor.

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Anonymous said...

My #3 has been carrying that catalog around for a week, making list and telling me how much his newest list comes to.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I blogged about the carnival on Tuesday, but I didn't get to tell you!

Thank you for your comment. I am glad you did... it was long but well worth reading.


Anonymous said...

If you decide to buy any of the VF stuff, link there through my blog. I just became approved as a Vision Forum affiliate yesterday!!



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