December 04, 2007

Caterpillar Update & Photos

Remember the little caterpillar we caught a while back? Seems like we have had him for two or three months now. I'm here to prove to you that what you eat (and especially how much you eat) really do make you BIGGER. Sad, but it seems there really may be a link between consumption and weight... at least there is for this little fuzzy guy.

Here's a link to what he looked like when we brought him home: Fuzzy Caterpillar

Here's a link talking about when he first molted: Caterpillar Molted!

Here's a photo of what he looked like a few weeks back (before Thanksgiving):

And here's what the big muchacho looks like now:

I'm no caterpillar expert, but I guess he's ok with the diet we have provided seeing as how he's getting too big to afford to keep anymore. He has taken to going AWOL from the butter dish when he's hungry if we don't keep the leaves up on demand. A few times he has actually escaped and disappeared somewhere - only to turn up later (hungrier than ever). Thankfully, the weather has been lovely and we are planning to branch out and get some leaves down the country road near where we live (to relieve the strain on our flower bed out front). There are a great many vines along the fences within walking distance that he seems to like just fine. Maybe we'll classify the cloud types as we go (that is what they have been reading about in their Science reader).

We only have a couple more days of school before we pack up and head out on a week vacation or longer to see family in and around the Lone Star State. It's great to be home. I'll try and pop in along the trip. Maybe I can send Fuzzy to go live with grandma while we are out of town? Or maybe I should just pack him up and take him on tour?

Happy December, all!

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Jan said...

Hey, please come check out our site for Orlando homeschoolers..

Would love it if you could blog once a month or so. You can promote your own site with a byline and a link.

Sprittibee said...

Hey Jan! Thanks so much for the offer, but I'm not in Orlando. :( I'm in Texas! :)

Anonymous said...

wow hes gotten big in three months! it would be great for you to take him on tour but wouldn he dissapear possibly =(


Sprittibee said...

Candice, the caterpillar got away shortly after this photo. Poor thing. Hope he made a lovely moth. They are the prettiest things!



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