January 04, 2008

Field Trip Foto Friday: Texas Vacation 2006

cousins and the monkey boy

In case you are just tuning in here, you'll notice that I post a series called "Field Trip Foto Friday". I have been off the band wagon with it for some time now (most of the fall), but am hoping to get back to it more regularly. I can't wait to start on the next set of field trips... I've been saving them up for the blog for a year now. I also am planning to overhaul my site at some point and make the field trips and homeschooling materials easier to get to. That all takes time and money, though... both of which are fleeting...

piƱata princesses

Usually there's a single place that we do our field trips, so this one may be a bit weird. Our school year didn't end until August that year, so when we took a long trip back home to Texas in May of 2006 before school ended, I considered it an extended field trip. After all... the kids got to:

nana's hugs

  • play outside to their heart's content
  • roast smores and hotdogs
  • travel between three cities
  • play games
  • attend a birthday party
  • do a scavenger hunt
  • look through a huge telescope at downtown Houston from a glass highrise window
  • eat at countless restaurants
  • visit their grandparents houses
  • go swimming
  • stop and take photos with mom on our road trips
  • catch bugs
  • pick flowers with their cousins

Houston skyline

...and I'm sure there were videos and books in the car, and even some car-schooling going on in the back seat (it was a lot of driving!).

"I can read his license plate!"

This post contains a few of the photos from our trip. I wanted to memorialize them on Field Trip Foto Friday... and after this post I'm down to ONE last field trip that I wanted to review (a pool party at a friend's house ~ not so educational, but lots of fun!). After that we are ready to start posting the next year's Homeschool Series posts (grades 3 and 4... 2006-7 school year).

all dressed up

If you would like to take a look at our other Field Trip Foto Fridays, feel free to click the link in this post. You can also see our Homeschool Series to see what we were studying about, what curriculums we were using, our favorite units, the books we read, and lists of field trips we took. I have kept records in this blog for preschool through third grade. Next year we are bringing in fourth grade... and at the end of this year, I'll take time to add my daughter's 4th and my son's 5th. I'm usually at least a year behind because I post the links at the end of the year (however we do post links, interesting topical school posts, project photos and other school tips during the year as well).

chinese-food vampire-boys

Hope you enjoyed this very RELAXED Field Trip Foto Friday. It was nice looking back at the smiles and sunshine of May 2006 during the cold of January 2008! I'm looking forward to this summer already!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Looks like you all had an EXCELLENT field trip! I am so glad!

And I am sorry I missed your birthday (besides I didn't know when it was). I would have sent you something... at least an ecard! I hope it was great!


carrie said...

man, I wish I could get it together enough to do more field trips. We were just starting to do more, then I had that cute baby and we're back to square one for awhile.

Love your pics!

And it's so weird to see my face on your sidebar! Thanks for the link, Girl!

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks Jocelyn.

Carrie - :) Thank you. You are welcome for the link. Happy 08!



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