December 21, 2007

Gifts and Glitter: A Sprittibee Christmas Post

This really is more than one post. But Christmas is upon us and I'm about to be absorbed by family frivolity. Must hurry. Time is short.

First I'd like to acquaint you with a few gifts that are perfectamundo for the 2007 holidays:

1. Gift Cards. You just can't go wrong with a card. Please stop buying things for people that they have to return. One awful trip to the mall this year is enough, I mean - really. I got a gift card in the mail yesterday from my REALTOR. So unexpected. 20$ for Wal-Mart. Now that's some Christmas cheer! Just in time for me to go buy food for the Christmas party at my house for tomorrow. You better believe I'll be callin' him up the next time I want to move. He's got his gift on.

2. The Lazarus Handsfree Bluetooth. Yes, I know the REAL name is the Motorola H500, but let me tell you why I call it Lazarus. It very well may be the best made bluetooth on the market. I'm sold - that's for sure. You see, husband found said earpiece in the pocket of my newly WASHED AND DRIED hoodie zipper sweatshirt a few days ago. Said earpiece was NOT working any more. After all, we set our dryer on high heat and leave it on a while - banging around in there with jeans can't be good for fragile little electronic things, right? Wrong. This puppy came back to life after a charge and is working just as good as new. I'm tellin' ya - this is a good buy.

3. Home Made Ornaments. You just can't go wrong here. Well... I guess that depends on how crafty you are. My aunt is really crafty. She sends ornaments every year in the mail. Usually it is something wooden having much to do with Texas... but this year it is quilted stars. Aren't you jealous?


4. Creativity Express. Yeah, you all know I'm sold out on art programs for kids. Well, here's one that the makers of GeeArt just came out with. Disney animator style fun with awesome games, movies and projects to keep your little Picaso's imagination pumping. I got my copy. You can get yours here: Academic Superstore online.

postage5. Photo Postage. If you are like me, you still have Christmas cards on your desk waiting to go out. Yeah, I was born organized, baby. I also happen to have a cute set of postage to make people forget that they are getting the cards late. Want to put your darlings on a postage stamp? Just check out PictureItPostage and send your favorite image through snail mail.

6. Ask. Sounds pretty easy, but asking someone what they want is much easier than guessing. Last year my son said to me, "Thanks for asking what we wanted this year instead of just buying things like you did last year." Ouch. There you have it - the wisdom of a then nine-year-old.

7. Just Being with Family. As for our house this Christmas, we are not buying gifts for each other. We'll take the kids to get their presents at Pop and Nana's house and exchange gifts with the name's we drew from Grandma Betty's house... but here at home the tree will not be lit and we won't have home videos of gift unwrapping frenzy. The cats might unwrap the tree while we are away - but that is for another post.


Seven is enough on that list... with minutes to spare before I take my family to brave the last-minute shopper lines at Wal-Mart, I'll now share a Bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes for the Bee Family:



Outside you won't see any lights... just a nativity for us (that I made, thankyouverymuch - with the help of my expert wood-sawing Father-in-law, of course). Not because I don't want lights. Because I don't want to kill people or blow my circuits out using the wrong kind. Can't get the husband interested in ladders and rooftop "torture sessions"... so I'll settle for the sweet chore he did for me instead: gluing our antique dining table chairs with wood glue and tightening them so our guests don't kill themselves tomorrow. I guess that's a fair trade?


Welcome. This is one of my favorite Christmas items (purchased a few years back after I badgered a Starbucks salesperson to give me their wreath displays OR ELSE). I have two of those wreaths and three table-top miniature ones that look just the same. They are adorable. Jealous again?


The nativity. Gotta have one. This one is charming.


The tree. I love my tree. Although this year, the top half is not lighting up any more (of course, right in time for the company tonight - go figure).


The snowman. He's in my room. He stays out all year. Because I'm a snowman junkie (side note: snow men do NOT HAVE FEET).


My fuzzy kitty ornament. Thanks, Ammie! I keep it on my bulletin board with some other favorites that were given to me by friends. I have quite a few bees. Love them, love them, love them.


The tacky tree. My son wanted all the reject ornaments and the bubble lights in his room. We resurrected the tacky tree and brushed away all the brown recluse spiders. Boys will be boys.


Because little fat ginger-men are cuties. This guy lives on my fridge.


Another set of home-made ornaments gone right. Thanks Paige! I love my sock snowmen. Love that little dollar store snowglobe from my mom, too.


The not-so-original way to display your Christmas cards. Keep 'em comin' family and friends! I leave them up until the middle of January! Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail that isn't a bill?

That concludes your holiday tour... and now I'm on my way to Wally-world.

See you sometime... and if not before Christmas, please have a merry one!

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Mama Kautz said...

I have that same bluetooth I love it! love your pictures also can't decide on a fave the nativity I think :) have a Blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well those are some nice pictures...I like the bluetooth. its pink!!
Did you mean I so needed to get my own blog?? lol... This template is not staying, but thanks for your thoughts on it!! ; )
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day!!
Love, Prayers and Blessings,

Toni said...

That was a great tour. I didn't know you were into snowmen! They are quite charming. :D

Sweet Woodruff said...

Merry Christmas to my favorite Texas friend of the year. God bless you and your family.



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