January 22, 2008

Field Trips on Tuesdays?

Join me over at Heart of the Matter where we are doing a review of all of my Field Trip Foto Friday posts through the years. I started blogging about all our field trips and sharing my "Fotos" in January of 2006, six months after I began blogging. It is my favorite thing to post about here on my blog because I am a photo junkie. Instead of "Field Trip Foto Friday ©", I'm now posting my photos and field trip reviews on Tuesday a few times each month for HOTM.

Here are a few pictures from the field trip we are reviewing this week that you WON'T find at Heart of the Matter (or anywhere else):

We are reviewing the Houston Zoo today. I originally posted the Zoo Field Trip in January of 2006. Field trip taken in February 2003. I miss my kids being those ages! It goes by fast.


Ah, the lion exhibit. No good zoo is without big cats. Not the petting zoo.


Now THAT is the petting zoo. The smell will confirm it. ...And what a cute little goat. The furry thing with horns is cute, too.


"Look mom! I'm in the prairie dog exhibit!"

"Great honey, ... now where is the antibacterial hand gel?"

Aren't field trips a blast?! We need to get out and do more of them. We have been homebodies lately since we live so far out in the country. Gas prices have cut in to my field trip budget. I'm looking forward to the co-op field trip we have coming up. Be watching here on Fridays while I start another year's Field Trip Foto Friday series soon... and be sure to catch the re-runs at Heart of the Matter. You never know. I just may throw in some extra photos for fun to shake things up a bit!

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Anonymous said...

Our family definitely agrees that no good zoo is without big cats. Of course that's because our oldest is a big cat fanatic, but that's beside the point! :-)

bigwhitehat said...

You take fantastic pictures.

Sprittibee said...

naturalpaths: Yes, we love cats in all sizes in my family. :)

BWH: ;) Thanks pardner!



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