January 30, 2008

My Big-FAT Homeschool Links List

I decided that I needed to put my links in one place and categorize them by subject/purpose - this will make them easier to find and more useful to YOU and ME. I have a lot of these on my sidebar, but I wanted to get my links in one place before I do any redesigning of my site. I use a lot of these for my own homeschooling and others have been passed on to me through homeschool friends, online groups, or co-ops. There are so many to pick from - too much to look at in one sitting... so take your time and bookmark this post.

I will be updating it and adding all my past links that I have blogged about which are not on the sidebars here. I will also be adding links as I get them via email. If I do a large update, I will post a notice and link back here to let you know. Otherwise, check back here every now and then and I'm sure you'll find that I have added one or two more favorites.

If you would like to share a link with me, please email me at longhorn dot bee at gmail dot com (dots are periods, at is the @ symbol, remove all spaces)!



Lessons and Resources
Teach-nology (Lesson Plans and Printables Galore)
Learning Page (free lessons, instructional materials, etc.)
Furious Shepherd (Insane Amount of Homeschool Links)
Enchanted Learning
Lesson Plan Library (Discovery)
eThemes Topical Teacher Resources
BBC Schools (GREAT Science interactives)!
Free Federal Resources for Education
Pratt's Educational Resources (Themes)
Teacher's Favorite Links
Schoolastic Lesson Plans
Professor Noggin's Card Games
Dr. Labush's Links to Learning
Crosswalk Homeschool Resource Directory
A-Z Home’s Cool Homeschool Links
A to Z Teacher Stuff
A to Z Kid Stuff
Pete's Power Point Station
Homeschooling Adventures (Subject Links)
DLTK-Kids Printables, Etc.

Reading, Books and Book Lists
My Amazon Bookstore
Wowio: Ebooks
Studydog (Free Reading Program: K-2nd)
Summer Reading Lists By Grade
Book Report PDF Files from Edhelper
Better Book Reports
Locate a Library Book on WorldCAT
Alibris: Buy Old, New & Out of Print Books
International Children’s Library
Classical Book List
Book Adventure Program
Librivox: Free E-books
Project Gutenberg
Dolch Kit (Reading Problems)
Bartleby (literature research)

Geography & History
Shepherd Software: Geography Games
Netstate State Information Site
History Scribe (also has church history/geography)
Diana Waring History
School History: Free Lesson Plans
Geography Dictionary
Westward Ho! (Virtual Wagon Train)
Virtual Field Trip Maker
Compassion International Sponsorship Program
Flat Stanley Idea Page
National Geographic Geography Bee
Outline Maps
Map Library
Timeline Helps

Writing, Grammar, Penmanship
Frustrated Writer Brain Pop Video
MES English (create your own worksheets)
Webster's Kid Dictionary
Free Language Curriculum
Book Report PDF Files from Edhelper
Create your own Newsletter or Brochure Online
Adverbs on the Internet (tricksy adverbses!)

Homeschool Math
MATH HELP: Times Tables Tips
Downloadable Grid Paper
Math U See Drill Page
Math U See Placement Tests
Multiplication Lapbook
TLS Books Free Worksheets
Multiplication Worksheets
Multiplication Practice Worksheets (nice site!)

Grading and Tests
Free Diagnostic Placement Test
Discovery Education: Rubrics
More Rubrics and Evaluation Tools
Teach-nology: Even more Rubrics
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by Grade (TEKS) - Public School Requirements
Free Taas/TAKS Printable Tests & Answer Keys
TAKS standardized tests from Texas Schools by grade level (printable or online quizzes)
Math U See Placement Tests

Computer, Software, Typing, Photography
10 Cent Photo Prints (First 20 Free) @ York Photo
Picasa Free Photo Editing Software
TyperShark Game (play online)
Goodsearch (browse while you give to your favorite charity)
FastStone Image Viewer Photo Editing Software
Free Digital Photography Lessons @ iLearn

Bible, Character, Chores
Answers in Genesis
Creation Science Evangelism
Raising Godly Tomatoes: Practical and Scriptural Parenting Advice
Scripture Memory System
Accountable Kids Program (teaching accountability)
The Birds and the Bees: Talking with Your Kids About Sex
Biblical Wall Charts & Timelines
Bible Verse of the Day
Celebrating Biblical Holidays Resources
Keepers: Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
7 Daily Rungs... by Holy Experience
Over 300 Bible Lessons
Handipoints: Fun Online Chore Charts
Goodseed: PDF Bible Lessons (Tabernacle)
My Utmost For His Highest (devos - older kids)
Does God Exist? (apologia - older kids)
Living Proof (Beth Moore) (devos - older girls)
Biblegateway.com (look up scripture by keyword or verse)
KLOVE Radio (listen while you homeschool)
KSBJ Radio (listen while you homeschool)
Christ throughout the Bible
Dayspring E-cards (be an encourager)
Case Against Evolution Book List (apologia - older kids)
Creation Illustrated (Christian based - similar to National Geographic)
The Way of the Master
E-Sword (free study software)
E-Bible Teacher
Ed's Collection of Bible Sites
Sunday School Place
Online Parallel Bible
Presidential Prayer Team
Presidential Prayer Team 4 Kids

Foreign Language
BBC Free Language Courses

Homeschool Methods
Classical Christian Homeschooling
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Teacher/Household, Forms & Helps
Homeschool Planner Set-Up Instructions
Costumes for Unit Studies by Jessica Hulcy (KONOS Author)
Teacher Created Resources - Free PDF Calendars, etc.
Super Teacher Worksheets
Donna Young: Homeschool & Household Forms
The Homeschool Mom (free planner/menu pages)
Creative Homemaking (organization, menu & more)
Homeschool IDs
Ideas and Printables
Creative Classroom Cooking (free cooking unit study)
30 Day Gourmet (freezer cooking)
FREE Teacher Resources (lots of links - some may be old)
Crown Trophy (medals, trophies, pins...)
Ideas to Spice Up Your Homeschooling
Highland Heritage Forms: More Printable Forms
Oklahoma Homeschool Forms (not just for OK)
Create a PDF Calendar
Homeschool Freebies/Costcutters
Homeschool Helper Online: Record Keeping Forms
Chart Jungle Printables
Resources for Homeschoolers (forms and planners)
Denim Jumpers (Everything Homeschooling!)

Info About Homeschooling
National Home Education Research Institute

Tim Hawkins Homeschool Video (To Adams Family Tune!)
Homeschool Blog Awards (meet, learn, share, swap)
101 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids
Silly IQ Test

Science, Nature, Technology
Texas Master Naturalist Program
BBC Schools (GREAT Science interactives)!
Green Hour (get out and discover nature!)
Making a Nature Journal
Edheads - Simple Machines
Cow’s Eye Dissection Online
Time Capsule (personal history project)
Natural Egg Dyes

Lapbook Pictures
Lapbook How-To Video
Lapbook Lessons

Taffie: Texas Support Group/Co-Op List by Area
Texas Home Educators
Pick-Your-Own TX Farms

Spelling & Vocabulary
Free 6th-8th Spelling Course
Word Game Boards
Free Crossword Puzzle-maker
Another Crossword Puzzle-maker
Vocabulary K-12 Site
Spelling Time (not free!)
Making Vocabulary Fun
Spelling Ideas PDF

Elementary Art Lesson Plans
GeeArt - Animated Art Program (history/elements)
Crayola.com (contests, coloring sheet printables, craft ideas)
Eggshell Mosaics
Family Fun
Canon Creative Park (artsy project ideas)
Recycling Crafts by Product
Kids Domain Crafts
Masterpiece Art Instruction
The Papier Mache Resource

Curriculum Resale
Vegsource Swap Board
Homeschool Auctions
This Little Piggy Stays Home
Yahoo Curricula Sale Search
Freecycle (find one in your local area)
HSLDA Curriculum Market

Sing n' Learn

Curriculum, Magazines, Stores
Konos Charachter Curriculum
What's Covered by Konos?
Knowledge Factory Homeschool Catalog
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Heart of the Matter (online magazine)
Academic Superstore

Sports and Health

P.S. Let me know if you find a broken link! I'll fix it or remove it!

P.S.S. More is on the way soon! I just need some time to sit down and get this done... and with homeschooling, housekeeping, paperwork and a weekend trip out of town coming up... time is just not available!

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Sweet Woodruff said...

OH my. You're killing me here. I'll have to check these links out...I can't resist links.

Anonymous said...

Bless your linking heart.
that was a lot of work :)

Terri said...

Oooo, I'm so glad you did this though it must have taken some time to compile all of this. I've already checked out a few links and will definitely have to come back. I've already bookmarked the page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great list of tools! Here's a site that I've been exploring and wanted to tell you about - c Bible Study Tools at Christianity.com has a huge library of tools with 29 translations commentaries, concordances, apocrypha, devotionals, lexicons, maps, e-books, and great reading plans. You can also highlight text, save your own notes, use a split screen panel so you can see two translations, a translation and a commentary, etc. I hope you get a chance to explore it!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thank you for all your hard work. I do plan to check out your list. I'm hosting a giveaway at my site, it's a great book, stop by and see, www.crumbsonmyfloor.com

Take care,

Sprittibee said...

AllyJo - Yeah, but remember - even though I am posting them all, that doesn't mean I am some superhuman homeschooler who has had the time to really investigate and enjoy them all! :) I'm still browsing them myself. So far there are some real gems!

Isaiah5513 - Well, at least most of my links are up. It may take forever to get the rest of them on there from my past 3 years of posting.

Terri - :) Come on back when you have free time - whatever that is!?

Thanks for the extra links Anonymous. :)

Crumbs - I added my name to your hat. Glad you liked the links.

Bridgette said...

Thanks so much for sharing. You inspired me to start my own blog! I need to learn more about using it, but I plan to read through more of yours and maybe I will get the hang of it. My husband discovered your blog when he was searching out KONOS and we were so grateful to find you. Thank you for putting in so much work--it really inspires me to keep trucking!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is impressive! Our homeschool co-op has a website and we are compiling some links, so this is a great resource for me. Thanks!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

You are a constant resource for the homeschooling community...

*Thank you*
and every blessing....

Anonymous said...

I just del.icio.us tagged your post!

lindafay said...

Thank you for the sweet enote, Heather--and for the great links. I'll put you on my delicious sidebar.

A Dusty Frame said...

Wonderful list!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh, why haven't I found your list before? Love it! Will check in when I have a spare year and peruse.

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow! When did you put this together? This is incredible! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Great list. Lots of my favorites. I am linking your post.

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS! Thanks. I will link to your post.

jolincountry said...

Wow! This is an amazing list! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you wrote this list! I have been looking for a Spanish course for my children, and I think the BBC link you list will fit my needs nicely. You put a lot of work in to this! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! What an amazing list...so many on here that I haven't seen before! Thanks so much for putting this together! I have also found a site called www.qwizzysworld.com that was founded by a mom in my area. It isn't subject-specific but rather allows you (or your kids, if they are old enough) to create study materials and practice quizzes from your own material. I taught elementary school before having my children and think it would be a great resource for teachers...and homeschooling parents too! I look forward to checking out some of your links, too!

Anonymous said...

May God Bless you! There's so much information! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A Wells

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL! I am going to have to pull an all nighter just to make a dent. Thank you for sharing. I heard about you from a local homeschool group that is helping me make the jump to homeschool. Thank you!!



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