January 24, 2008

Thursday Challenge: Nature


I like Thursday Challenge more than Wordless Wednesday... only because it is so hard for me to keep my mouth shut. Well, when it comes to writing things down, that is. I'm not the most talkative person in a group setting... amazingly. I am rather reserved when I don't know someone.

This photo was taken in November last ... not far from where we live. It is some kind of beautiful weed that I like to call "purple pineapple flower". It is more like a purple people pricker... because it has nasty thorns all over it. When I took this photo there were THREE bees on this plant. The color was amazing. I love bees and I love flowers... so I couldn't resist taking this photograph.

Actually, when can I resist taking a photograph?

Anyway... I'm "much much too busy" lately for blogging a bunch (as busy as that bee in the photo). Sorry for the time between posts. We are schooling and churching and catching up on housework and paperwork... and weekdays seem to vanish into shadow right after we wake up!

Thanks for stopping in anyway. I hope I have time to stop and smell the flowers again some time soon! Until then, maybe I could spare five minutes or so to check out the other nature shots at the Thursday Challenge site?

If you don't stop there, stop here at this classic poem and lovely bee photo by my friend Firefly.

*Update: This weed is actually related to a carrot, not a thistle. It is called Eryngium. It isn't noxious. This species' common name is Leavenworth's Eryngo. It loves limestone soils. Most species that live in Texas are also threatened and endangered.

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bigwhitehat said...


Sprittibee said...

Thanks Zane! ;)

Nancy Bea Miller said...

A lovely shot! Thanks for sharing the prickles in such a non-painful way! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful rich colors!

Anonymous said...

Nature beauty indeed - Beautifully composed!

Laura Paxton said...

beautiful picture...I think that's a thistle plant/weed...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! God's creation is so Amazing!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Beautiful shot! I love it. :D

carrie said...

kudos to you for snapping that photo! You should blow it up and frame it. It would actually go nice in my bedroom....

I hear you on the busy issue. I've barely had time to write on my blog, much less visit all the nice people I like to read!



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