February 26, 2008

Home on the Range


One of my budding photographers caught these bovines out the car window as we whizzed by yesterday. We spent a fun day on a Texas History field trip and a lot of time in the car. Maybe the next time we take a trip down that stretch of road, I'll find a way to park and get up close to those longhorn cattle to get some detailed photos. They are so pretty and graceful.

My plan is to get a new camera if we get our stimulus package check in the mail any time soon. I'm passing my other digital 5px. down to the kids. They are eager to get it and already borrowing it for fun. In the mean time, I keep promising to get the next year added to my homeschool records post. I'm planning to tackle that this week. Today we are off to art class after school and need to finish scaling laundry mountain (going out of town over the weekend always makes the following week's worth of housework difficult!).


Enjoy the start of yesterday's sunset here in Texas while we seize our day!

Carpe Diem!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures ... ! We are here, stuck in ugly weather, overcast for 7 days, not a minute of sun, foggy, 100% humidity, no wind, nothing.
Pollution is so bad they city has closed traffic to downtown, 6 hours a day, and there is no relief in sight from the weather. It is a record, here to go 7 days with no wind and always cloudy... yuk. We MISS TX !

RG, AG, FG, OG, IS, AG .. ;-) Ciao!

live4evermom said...

I love to see cloud/sky pictures. I have a love hate relationship with Texas. Love the land but hate the humidity.

MommyLydia said...

Note: Depends on what you mean by "Soon" -- They are not due to start sending out the stimulus checks until May.



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