March 16, 2008

My Own Personalized Planner Pages


I have had this little graphic on my desktop since January. Shows you how "ahead of the game" I am with blogging 'to-do-list', eh? I was sooo proud of myself when I created these little dandies. I figured that with my new black ink cartridges only costing me 9$, printing my own personalized calendar inserts would save me money. Not only that, but making them myself finally give me the ability to customize my planner to fit my needs as a homeschool mom.

My favorite planners have the "week at a glance" when open on your desk. I like room to keep notes about my day so that I can create my endlessly long Christmas letter that all my friends and family members dread every year. What spam does to email boxes, my Christmas letter does to IRL (in real life) mailboxes each holiday! Merry Christmas!

So... my new and improved planner pages include Mon-Wed on one page with a bonus "notes" section, and Thurs-Sun on page 2. Each day includes a menu box for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... because that's what being a mom is all about - nourishing your kids, right? It also has a TO-DO-LIST section, a Journal Section (where I keep aforementioned notes about our day), and appointment times in case I get really organized one day and use them. I also included a "Teacher Reminder" section specifically for homeschooling - where I might put our most important list item on the school assignment sheet, a note to remind myself to buy supplies, a co-op friend's phone number, a field trip idea for our group, a reminder about the library, etc.

My favorite part of the page (besides the handy menu) is my BIRTHDAY and TO GO area. It's in yellow (highlighted) so I will remember to get my cards in the mail (I love snail mail and am a greeting card junkie). The TO GO spot is for the day's main events (because without the reminder I would certainly NOT show up). That's where I list our field trips, dentist appointments, lunch dates, or other out-of-the-house appointments that can't be missed. Before, I was keeping them inside the list of to-do items for the day and sometimes overlooked them. I tried using little stars and highlighters, but couldn't keep up with the mess. Now I have a spot to put them on the paper where I will be sure to look - and it is bright and colorful so I won't miss it!

This project wasn't really that hard if you have basic 'Office' skills. I think this file is created in Excel. If you have a lot of time on your hands you could even type the pages in as you go and print them fully loaded with your info so you wouldn't have to write it in by hand. I'm not there yet. Maybe one day!

I used to do custom forms for people on the side for money now and then for homeschooling, but haven't in a long while. I enjoy stuff like this. I make home made worksheets for the kids all the time... spelling and vocabulary lists, handwriting sheets, geography quizzes, etc. The computer is an awesome tool if you learn how to use it. I think it is essential to teach computer skills to today's kids.

Now if only I could remember to get my items on the list checked off so I wouldn't have to carry them over to the next week all the time?! Sometimes it is necessary to spend less time making lists and more time doing what needs to be done!

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Elena LaVictoire said...

Those are really great! Can we purchase them somewhere for download or are they just for your own use. I really like them!

Sheila said...

Those are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

I'll get my 13-year-old working on creating stuff like that today. What she needs to work on is schedling piano practice...

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Anonymous said...

"getting it in gear" must be in the air, i made some check off list the other day. (they're on my blog)

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Nice job! I love doing stuff like that too. Your planner looks great. :D

Melissa said...

Nice to meet you through the blog party! Keep in touch!

Melissa said...

We really need to talk more-my husband is a pastor of an interdenominational church. We are going to homeschool our 2 year old which I'm actually already starting now. I bought some preschool books and we work on writing our ABCs, she can say them and spell her name and tell you her whole name and age. We are also working on writing our numbers. She knows her shapes and colors. She's really ahead of her age but I believe it starts now. We've been doing the Parents as Teachers program for 2 years now and that has been wonderful! If you got any homeschooling advice, please share! If you're not already you should join League of Extroridnary Wifes. There a ALOT of SAHMs on there. go to www.
to sign up. I'm a member there too. Well anyways g2g!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Excellent work!
I do think the most effective planners are the ones we devise ourselves as it reflects our needs/lifestyle.
Again, you bless, encourage, inspire.

Off to another task and check another item off the to-do list.

Thank you, Heather...

Anonymous said...

They are awesome! Isn't it great to finally find what works for you? Even if you have to design it yourself? Lol. I lifted the design of another KONOS mom and have found "home."

Check out my new blog at


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

That is really a great idea. And it sounds like it will really work out for what your needs are. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heather!! Great post... I have the same problem with not remembering to check things off ;-)

God bless,

Anonymous said...

hello! would it be possible to purchase the planner page file from you for personal use? jennifer_ustanik at baylor dot edu


Sprittibee said...

Sure Jennifer. You can purchase the files and fonts from me and customize them for yourself each year. :) I'll email you off list.



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