March 21, 2008

What Texans Do For Fun in Spring


There were a lot of "supposed to"s this week that didn't happen. We had three days of Spring Break visiting with friends, a few doctor appointments, some sinus issues - and LOTS of allergy medication (hello Spring!). Today was no different. We were "supposed to" do some school like we did yesterday; however, the sunshine, pollen, sinus medicine, Easter Egg Hunt, and birthday party kept schoolwork at bay.


It was a "Good Friday", though. You can't beat 70's in late March here in Texas. We cowpoke can hardly focus on work when the weather is so fair. So what does a good Texan do when the weather is good and we've got some time to spare between lunch at Chipotle and cake at the park?

Feed longhorns, that's what!


And so we did. Until the unsocial cutting horse ruined the party and rounded up his bovine inferiors. We sang our little song as we drove away...
"Moo Moo Cow Cow,
Moo Moo Cow Cow,
Moo Moo... Moo Moo, Moo Moo Cow Cow...
If I were a cow,
I'd like to see,
Someone say "Hello" to me.
Moo Moo Cow Cow,
Moo Moo Cow Cow,
Moo Moo... Moo Moo, Moo Moo Cow Cow."

Another lovely day in Texasville. All is well.

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Sheila said...


You're in the SEVENTIES?!?

Do you realize we're having the first White Easter of our lives up here in Ontario?

Trying not to be jealous, trying not to be jealous, trying not to be jealous....

Nope. Not working.

Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

Sprittibee said...

So nice! I love the Spring when it is like this. I can't WAIT for the trees to get back to normal. My favorite time of year is Winter, though - because here, it gets cold enough to wear winter clothes, and might even ice a few times, but it doesn't snow often (every few years), so we don't have to shovel snow and can drive without limitation. Winter is fun here. Someone said if you don't love Texas in January, you just don't love Texas. ;) I would like to come up there to VISIT, however. ;) I have some relatives in Canada... and far enough back, I have family in some graveyards up there, too... but if you keep going back, you'll end up somewhere in Europe - which is the case for most of us Caucasian peoples, right?! ;)

Don't be jealous - just move down here. Or if you can't do that... just think about how nasty hot it will get this summer. 100 degrees is downright intolerable. That's why I stay INSIDE with my A/C on.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Sounds like a perfectly splendid day. It's far from 70 here in chilly Colorado. A couple of days ago, it was close, but now we have snow again. Sigh. I'm so ready for Spring.

Have a blessed Easter, my Bee Friend!

bunny :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, gorgeous photos! You are darn good with that camera. Love the Longhorn outfit on the boy!

Sol said...

Hi!!! Where i can find that song?

Sprittibee said...

Sorry, but the song is original... don't think anyone but me knows it. LOL

Camp Staffer said...

song isn't original. It's an old Camp Staff song, First verse is:
If I were a cow I'd like to see, somebody say hello to me. Hello cow cow, hello cow cow, hello. Hello. Hello cow cow.
second verse different than the first. A whole lot louder and a whole lot worse.
If I were a cow I'd like to see somebody go MOOoooOOO to me. Moo Cow Cow, Moo Cow Cow, Moo, Moo, Moo Cow Cow. It usually transitions into "Six Pence" then.



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