April 11, 2008

Field Trip Foto Friday: Audiologist

After the ear doctor our co-op gang all had lunch in the park and browsed a book store together. 

Taking a field trip to the Audiologist is a great way to make learning about the ear and sound memorable. The photo isn't my best, but if you look closely, you can see Morgan screaming behind sound-proof glass. The faint red baseball cap is Kaden. Inside are a bunch of other kids from our small co-op in Arkansas. They were screaming at the top of their lungs and we couldn't hear them! [note to self: need to build sound proof room in house!] I think they did a sound test for the kids, but it has been a while - I can't remember. I do know that the doctor was great. She showed us the little tubes that they put in peoples ears, gave us some great books and brochures, talked with the kids about what they knew about ear health and hearing, etc. If you are interested in learning about hearing and sound, be sure to visit my links at the bottom of this post!

tacobellI miss the mild summers up there in Arkyland. The weather there was near perfect... unless you consider the summers in Colorado or Washington State? Here's a shot of Morgan eating Taco Bell nachos that day. It is fun looking back through our field trip 'fotos'. What a treasure it will be when they are grown to have these memories. I just wish I had time to scrapbook them all! I hope that this blog will sub as a memory book one day for them.

We took this field trip at the beginning of our Second and Third grade year (2006-7). We were living in Little Rock and using KONOS as our main curriculum (unit studies). If you want to learn more about our homeschool adventure (book lists, curriculum, enrichment ideas, favorite units, photos, and more) - visit my Homeschool Series Post (linked below). I keep a running tab of all my homeschool years since the very beginning! This year we are in 4th and 5th Grade and will be adding this year's records at the end of the school year or the beginning of the next! School will end for us at the end of July or in early August. I'm projecting a one month Summer Break this year.

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SchrefflerFamily said...

Yes, the weather in Western Washington is Well Nigh Perfect (if you can stand not seeing the sun for months on end)

It's everything else (except the people who are our friends) that are the reason my husband and I are eager to flee back to Texas as soon as God allows. (Since I thought it was happening last year and it didn't, I'm trying to avoid putting a deadline on it this time!)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your website and have been so blessed by it, praise God! I am considering the Konos curriculum,a little overwhelmed by all of my choices right now, so thank you for all of the info.

Shari Ellen said...

I hadn't thought of going to the audiologist before. Our homeschool group has gone to the hospital lab and the ambulance garage. I like hospital type field trips.



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